How ParkHub Is Changing the Parking Game

May 17, 2016

2:00 pm

George Baker, Sr. is in the parking business. Now, he’s not your typical parking king with lots scattered across cities and those complicated 0-20 mins, 20mins, and  3-hour signs. He’s invented a three-part system which allows ticketing & parking systems to change how they operate to fix one massive problem in the industry – theft. Using his three key tools – Prime, Portal, and Pulse – ParkHub is revolutionizing the way the parking industry does business.

Baker was born to be an entrepreneur. His family immigrated from France during WWII to Dallas, TX and has built businesses there ever since. Baker's father was a parking businessman while he was growing up. When younger, George realized that trading baseball cards and other assets wouldn’t be lucrative enough, so he eventually took an interest in the family business.

In the parking business, there are many problems but one took Baker's attention: the theft rate. Parking – being a mainly cash business – is difficult to track – with reports from lots and garages being generated from managers only once a week or a month, there is a huge margin of error. This is when Baker knew he had to fix it; alas, ParkHub was born.

Starting out, ParkHub was built to be a B2C company but quickly pivoted to B2B in 2014 due to Baker’s realization for the need of a global distribution system for parking (which until he built). The company is funded by private equity funds (predominantly real estate) with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as a notable investor.

The three P’s that make ParkHub work are technologies the parking world has never seen before:

  • Prime is a physical device that allows you to accept credit cards & print receipts instantly – helping to manage the cash flow problem.
  • Portal is a backend dashboard which allows operators to see their analytics, how many spots are left and more in real time – fixing the week or month later reporting a problem.
  • Pulse is the physical device implanted into the ground which tracks all cars entering/exiting and more.

ParkHub the three Ps are not just after solving preexisting problems; it’s after helping to revolutionize the way all systems are booked, distributed, and managed. ParkHub is available at the Cowboys Stadium, Levi Stadium, American Airlines Arena; is partnered with Ticketmaster (so pick your venue);and has a North American pipeline that is out of control. So George Baker Sr. is in the parking business and he’s about to change the way the industry is done. 

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