7 Things That Productive Teams Don’t Do

June 10, 2017

10:30 am

Everyone wants to produce a healthy and effective team, but it can be exceptionally hard to produce one, especially when you are dealing with a big team. We know that a productive team is the key to success. In any business, if you have a productive team, only then can you achieve the heights of success. But, you need to understand that a productive team isn’t something that is ready-made. You will have to work on your team members.

You don’t need to ask your team members to cut corners, stay for a longer time in the office, or even rush. If you are doing this, then stop it! Because it won’t help you as it is the disastrous strategy which will lead to unhappy customers and unmotivated team members.

So, if you want to see your customers happy and team motivated, then avoid the following things which most productive teams avoid. Let’s find out the seven things that productive teams don’t do:

Rush Blindly into a Situation

Productive team members don’t rush blindly in any complicated situation or task. It’s important to stop, think, and then act. Whenever they get any task, they react first, then think about that task, and at last, take the best proactive action. They always know what they are doing.

A productive team’s cool mind and calm manner help them in approaching the complicated situations. After getting any task, they stop for a while, think, and at last act. They find out what could be the pros and cons of their actions. So, if you want to make your team more productive, encourage team members to stop for a while, think, and then act. It’s better to do so rather than rushing blindly.

Get Busy in Meetings

Meetings are important but too many meetings can slow down your work and productivity. Does it sound weird? It might, but it’s true that having too many meetings can really slow you down and you won’t be able to use your hours correctly.

Not all meetings are important, and it affects our flow. Now it’s a tough job to get back to that work with the same flow again. It’s important to have meetings to be productive but not more than one or day a day.

Compromise on Quality

Productive teams don’t compromise on quality. If you are working on any project, then the level of quality must be decided at the start of the project, not when staring down the deadline. If you are cutting down the corners, then you will never return to the previous level of quality.

If you deal in products, then you will never find the time to fix the bad stuff. You will only collect the complaints and repair the product. So, don’t compromise on quality. If you do then do it at the time of start. Even most of the small and local businesses in US don’t compromise on quality.

Work Frantically

Running in the office is not the actual thing for speeding you up. Running is good but probably not in the office. If you are doing so, then you are actually slowing down yourself rather than speeding up. We are wasting our energy on unnecessary things and not putting out the actual fire. Even search and rescue workers know the value of slowing down every once in a while.

You should know that there are so many ways to “run” and here, we are not talking about running with your feet. We make avoidable mistakes while rushing. For creating the most speed, you must create and process cultural norms that stabilize hours, pace, and quality.

Impede Each Other’s Growth

There is nothing more productive than colleagues who hold one another back. If you want to become more productive, then the team needs to be a cohesive unit. Each member of the team must be helpful for each other’s personal growth & development.

You should make every single member of the team realize that their personal and professional goals are similar which can only be achieved by helping each other. You should always try to create a supportive environment for all the team members.

Waste Their Time on E-Mails

Email service is just amazing. You can send any detail or document to another person. All of us contact our customers or team members through emails, but it can be addictive. Most of us become obsessed with emails. We use to check our emails in every five minutes. It’s a time-consuming job. Every time we go for checking our important email and end up checking all the unnecessary emails, folders, etc.

Productive team members quickly sort their emails for future reading and only deal with the important emails. They check their emails on the semi-regular basis. They don’t even waste their time on checking USPS tracking updates or any other updates. So, you should cut down the time on unnecessary emails.

Fail to Work Hard

Productive teams work hard, which leads them towards success. They never complain about the workload. They work hard as much as they can. Hard work is the main key to being a part of the productive and successful team. They don’t even gossip.

It’s one of the great methods to improve your efficiency at work. They always stay focused during working hours. They save their time for after work when they want to be relaxed.

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