How Smartphones Fulfill Your Basic Business Operations

June 2, 2015

10:00 pm

Whether you are a business professional or run your own company, a smartphone can help you with your day-to-day responsibilities. Yet, many people are still hesitant to move to a more complicated phone and aren’t sure they will be able to actually run their business with one. The smartphone has come a long way, though, and if you aren’t taking full advantage of that, you are missing out. Here are five ways smartphones will fulfill your basic business operations.

They Provide Freedom

They Provide Freedom

They Provide Freedom

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You don’t have to feel chained to your desk any longer. A smartphone can perform basic functions like checking your email or making a bank transfer so well that you don’t need to remain stuck at your desk or confined to a Wi-Fi connection. This is vital to someone running his or her own company, since so many tasks will fall on your shoulders and you still need to be flexible.

They Help You Connect

They Help You Connect

They Help You Connect

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Your audience depends on fast response times and connectivity. When you post a blog article or change your status update on Facebook, you are far from through for the day. You need to listen to what others are saying about your brand, and you need to respond to all questions, complaints, and comments posted on your profiles or website. It’s a lot of work, but with a smartphone it’s much easier. A smartphone can alert you no matter where you are, and you can make your updates or comments directly from its compact screen.

Not only do they make connecting faster, but smartphones also offer all of your connectivity methods in one place. Now, when someone calls and leaves you a voicemail, emails you specs, asks a question on your website, or posts a comment on social media, you only have to go to one device. Smartphones offer much more instantaneous and streamlined alerts than a desktop or laptop does, and they also keep track of phone calls and texts.

They Impress Your Clients

When you are going to a business meeting and need a graph, image, or data sheet as a visual aid, you can have it set up on your mobile device. It’s simple to use a cloud-based tool like Dropbox to transfer your files from your desktop to your smartphone. New smartphones, like the powerful Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, offer storage up to 128 GB, so you have plenty of space to store your files on the go. It’s easy to take notes at a client meeting, create mockups right on the spot, design a mood board for your project, or whatever else you need to do to show the client you are headed in the right direction. With all of these incredible features, you want to make sure it’s running on a fast and reliable 4G network like T-Mobile’s. Not being able to pull up or send that important document could cost you a sale.

They Keep You on Track

From content calendars to business trip planning apps, your smartphone can help you keep track of your life. Some apps can even track your current habits and help you improve in certain areas of your life. They can also help you adjust to the time change for an upcoming business trip with alarms that gradually get you on the right schedule.

In fact, if you meet new business contacts but have a terrible time with names, you can save their information in an app called Humin, which organizes your contacts by contextual data, like when, where, or why you first met. When used the right way, there are many apps to help you operate smoothly and professionally in today’s business world.

They Let You Close Deals on the Go

Rather than having to return to the office to finish up a transaction, you can take all your paperwork with you and close deals with electronic signature apps. The more convenient you make the process for the client or customer, the easier the sale will be. Smartphones can use an attachment to take credit cards or email out an invoice if the payment is to be made at a later date.

Help yourself stay organized in a convenient, efficient, and professional way by maximizing your smartphone’s capabilities. How does a smartphone impact your business experience? Is your business ready to make the change to mobile?


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