It’s Key That New Startups Get Noticed in the Social Media Space

September 24, 2014

3:00 pm

When Aaron Irmas graduated from Babson College, he directed his entrepreneurial passions towards solving what he saw as a glaring issue for startups: getting noticed in the social media space. Irmas has always been interested in generating leads via social media, cleaving to the thought that it’s key for any new business – he’s not wrong.

He crafted his lead-generation techniques through social media and set out to create SOGRO, his own social media management firm. But going beyond that, Irmas wanted to tailor his services directly to entrepreneurs.

“Both Instagram and Twitter operate on a code of reciprocity, which means that the more you engage, the more engagement you will receive in return,” says Irmas. “At SOGRO we use this basic concept to get your brand seen and heard.”

SOGRO operates on a basic pitch that they will save you time and money on advertising while building a durable platform for your brand’s visibility and awareness. The team will develop a custom target market for your accounts based exclusively on your niche.

According to Irmas and the team at SOGRO, almost all social media management firms tend to charge upwards of $1,000 a month for their services. SOGRO, on the other hand, charges $29.95 a month.

It’s important to realize here that their price is so low because they leave the content generation up to you. That is, SOGRO focuses only on lead generation via Instagram and Twitter. It’s based on the idea that you, the consumer, will retain complete creative control on your brand while SOGRO generates new leads.

“I want to give every entrepreneur at the ground level the chance to be seen. With SOGRO, I have already been able to help so many different startups experience growth,” says Irmas. “I’m looking forward to continuing to work with numerous new start-ups in the future and working hands on with all the inspiring projects coming from the entrepreneurship community.”



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