Stā Media Founders Share How They’re Redefining Banner Ads

December 9, 2015

6:00 pm

What happens when advertising, Big Data and unique patented technology collides? That's exactly the question Timothy Booth and Shawn Sandifer asked one day. The result? A brand new digital marketing tool to capture leads and boost engagement with appealing visual advertising.

Stā Media re-imagined the old and dull display ads into new stylish and efficient forms that bring scalable ROI and maximize your marketing campaign efficiency.

Launched in 2014, Sta Media today has more than 30 Fortune 500 companies in line to use the technology in various campaigns. AppNexus has added the technology to their Apps store, giving the opportunity for $2B of ads served annually through their network to use this tech.

Today, we are having a talk with the founders about their re-imagined approach to banner ads and visual marketing in general.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your company?

We, Timothy Booth and Shawn Sandifer, founded Stā Media in June of 2014, shortly before the patent was issued in March of 2015. Before that we have owned and managed Tenlist among other investments and had been seeking the patent since 2006.

Timothy Booth has had the initial idea in 1999 and did not pursue the filing or development of the patent until the co-founder and his business partner, Shawn Sandifer, urged him to do so in 2005. We are a pretty good team together, you see.

There's a lot of up-and-coming digital marketing tools out there. How does your product stand out from your competitors?

Actually, we operate in a sweet spot having no real competition, as we have a true barrier to entry.

Display ads have been failing for years, while conversely, the market continues to exponentially grow. Our product stands out because we engage the consumer directly within the ad itself, with one tap, avoiding the click away and landing page. Our IP facilitates the immediate delivery of the offer, while keeping the user on the same page, making the user experience quick, convenient and seamless.

Everyone wins using our tech product – the publisher retains traffic on their website and the advertiser captures user data for true metrics and ROI.

What were the main challenges for building your product?

Building the function was the easiest part. Educating our potential clients and the advertising world at large has proven to be the greatest challenge to date.

Our CTO, Nick Waken-Paschal, and his team have done a tremendous job of creating the product and our CMO, Nicole Myers, has defined it well to date. Our VP of Business Development, Geoff Godsey, has opened a tremendous amount of doors to allow us to present this to a larger community.

Again, efficient team work can help you beat all the major obstacles.

So, in today’s world of banner blindness, how did you manage to create a product that still brings scalable ROI?

We have tried to do one thing – create a bridge, or connection between the advertiser, the consumer and the publisher to make them ‘friends again’.


Our idea was to offer a display ad ‘wrap’ or enhancement that has shown tremendous results (4x-10x average boost over a static display ad). By providing transparent, robust back end analytics, all parties now have the ability to truly measure ROI and glean clean behavioral data and buying patterns for re-targeting.

Our product puts everyone back in control- the user of their time and information, the advertiser of their target and data and the publisher of their traffic and results for their marketers. We are working to eliminate any forceful push of information. Consumers buy when they are interested and in control of their time, environment and information.

What’s your main tip for startups seeking to grow their user base with online marketing?

True transparency of the ease of use of their product.

Our co-founder, Shawn Sandifer, starts each presentation with ‘It’s easy and simple, really…” and explains the product from there.  Being transparent and open about your product is our biggest marketing tip.

Hidden advertising discourages users more time that it captures their attention.

If you are interested in learning more about Stā Media and their product – check out their website.

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