Startup Spotlight: Curing Acne, Positive Mental Health and Voice Transcription

August 18, 2017

1:30 pm

With school in session, the stress of homework and exams are going to start taking a toll. TechCo has some startup solutions. Each week we compile a list of startups aimed at streamlining your day or helping your quality of life. This week, we discovered a company that can help your teen develop a healthy routine to get rid of acne, an app that will provide you a snapshot of your health, and a place where you can find support for any challenges you’re facing these days.

MDAcne (San Francisco, CA)

For every teen in the world fighting against acne: Here's your app. MDAcne app is trying to disrupt the dermatology industry and help people treat their acne remotely. Users take a picture of their face, then the platform will analyze their skin and provide a routine that fits their specific condition, and suggest products to help clear up the zits. The service is for any person challenged with acne and costs $13 per month.

Huddle (New York, NY)

Talking through your challenges and struggles can be mentally cleansing and get people back on track or find professional help. The Huddle app is an online video platform where people can openly express their thoughts, concerns or challenges in a safe space. The app allows users to create support and discussion groups around various mental health issues to help each other. While the app does offer the option for people to pixelate their face, their voices aren’t altered. The company said it does not share information and have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. The app is available in iOS with Android in development.

Tetra (San Francisco, CA)

If you hate taking notes on a call, then try Tetra. This AI-based voice-transcription app takes call notes for you by automatically dialing you to merge into the call and then sending you a fully searchable record. Other features include: calendar sync, a notebook with all the records, ability to share notes, a meeting digest email and two-way speaker identification. For companies that need 100 percent accuracy, they do offer a human transcription service for a fee. Their pricing starts at $9 per month for five hours of calling with unlimited AI-based notes.

MediModo (Glen Carbon, IL)

Whether it be food, activity or sleep, there might be hidden factors that could be improving or worsening your health. MediModo is a telemedicine platform that tracks data from your activity apps, location, weather, and more, analyzes it all and gives users a snapshot of what could be impacting their health. Users can also input how they are feeling during the day, add notes about diet and treatments they are receiving to have a full understanding of how to improve their conditions. Information can also be sent to one’s health provider. The app or web-based platform is available for $6.99 per month.

Paragon One (New York City, New York)


Student loans suck and if you have any debt attached to your name then the faster you can pay it off the better, but that starts with getting a decent job. Paragon One wants to help your student or recent graduate get an internship or job. They start by helping through prep coaching from professionals who already know the ropes, even at companies like Apple and Google. The company claims that 100 percent of students who completed the program got job or internship offers. The company works with the student one-on-one to create a customized career development plan and offer introductions to companies their their partner plan for internships or full-time jobs. They will also help coach the student for interviews and the membership includes toolkits, Q&A videos, live seminars, and more.

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