Startup Spotlight: Smart Leads, Online Debates and Free Music

June 23, 2017

12:20 pm

While outside it’s heating up for summer, we’re staying cool indoors researching startups. Each week, Tech.Co looks for five new businesses with creative or innovative ideas so you can keep your cool all summer long. This week we found companies offering smart home security, live video debates, free music and more.


Hone your startup’s competitive edge by using LeadSift, a service that finds prospects engaged with your competitors and delivers them to you. The platform monitors public mentions of competitors content, qualifies them (remove noise) and send you a daily digest of opportunities. All contacts are delivered complete with verified and accurate information to accelerate your sales process. To date, the startup has raised close to $2.7M and built partnerships with SalesForce and Hootsuite.

Find your fit: Leadsift provides options for all types of businesses where they can customize the experience by tailoring targeting options and filter by industry, role, revenue and more!


Brush up your debate skills with QallOut, the online debate forum that allows anyone to go head-to-head over live video. Record, post and watch debates about topics you care about. Users can even compete in debate tournaments for a chance to win cash prizes. Founders Yazan Madanat and  Georgia Kokkini aim to bridge the gap between the most conflicted online groups. To date, the startup has raised $500,ooo, developed partnerships with influencers and completed 150 Head2Head debates.

Voice your own opinion through social media by sharing debates online. QallOut eliminates the echo chamber effect by allowing people to discuss real issues.


Arena Music

The internet has changed the way we listen to music. While it’s wonderful that almost any album is available at any time through music subscription platforms, the musicians responsible aren’t seeing any of the profits. Enter Arena.

Arena is a free music streaming and downloading service that offers artists a bigger piece of the pie. Arena pays artists the highest rates in the world when their music is streamed or downloaded, and users get to enjoy that music for free without commercial interruption. It’s the best of both worlds.


Giggrabbers simplifies the startup process by connecting entrepreneurs with freelancers and building crowdfunding campaigns. Start by posting a project and hiring a freelancer to help work on it. Through the site, you can send messages and securely send payments. To ensure quality, the freelancer doesn’t receive payment until after you get results.

Need more dough to make your dream a reality? Raise funds for your project by starting a crowdfunding campaign. Giggrabbers has the social media tools to help you gain traction on the web.


CUJO is a smart device that acts as a firewall to protect your entire home. There are a lot of smart devices at home without antivirus, like tablets and baby monitors. CUJO uses machine-learning to protect all of these devices and more.

They provide business-level internet security and parental controls across all devices. All these settings are controlled through the CUJO app, which is downloadable on any smartphone. Cujo was also one of the winners at the Tech.Co Startup Night at CES 2017.

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