The Top 5 Must-Have Instagram Marketing Tools for 2017

November 4, 2016

11:20 am

There’s not a skilled woodworker on earth who doesn’t take a great deal of pride in his or her arsenal of tools. From power jointers and thickness planers to circular saws and router bits, each tool tells a unique story of past projects — it’s a beautiful thing.

Instagram is not that different.  To maximize the power of Instagram, marketers need to leverage third party tools.

As we approach 2017, though, the social space is substantially more crowded than it was back in 2010 when Instagram first launched. Because of this, the need for the right tools is more important than its ever been before. Care to take a peek inside our toolbox? Check it out:

1) Soldsie

You only get one clickable link on Instagram, so you’d be wise to make the most of it — this is where Soldsie comes into focus. Simply put, Soldsie uses the link in your Instagram bio to place your brand’s content on full display. Using Soldsie, you’re able to generate real-time reports on customer conversion and clicks from the aforementioned link.

Even better, Soldsie makes the checkout process a breeze, deploying instantaneous checkout carts that sync with your Instagram product posts — could it get any easier? If you’re running any kind of e-commerce business, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using Soldsie to generate sales.

2) Kickstagram

Kickstagram helps optimize your Instagram accounts growth on auto-pilot. Although the competition is fierce, having weighed their services against other, their filters and targeting make the decision an easy one— clients’ results speak on behalf of their services.

Starting, growing and maintaining an Instagram account takes time. Unfortunately, to successfully navigate the competitive world of entrepreneurship, this is one resource that helps free up your time to focus on other things. Research, targeting, outreach and engagement are their responsibility, not yours. The result? A conversion-driven Instagram account for your business.

3) Repost

Instagram is all about user interaction. And while there are many ways to interact with any of Instagram’s 500 million monthly active users, few ways are as immediately impactful as reposting the work of other Instagram fanatics. Whether you’re looking to interact with influencers or promote user-generated content, Repost makes the task a breeze.

Seriously, tap a button — that’s all there is to it. See something you like? Press a button, and Repost immediately publishes someone else’s post to your account, while automatically  crediting the original creator, too. Furthermore, using Repost, you’re able to easily save photos and videos to a personal archive for later use. It’s simple. It’s user-friendly. It’s effective.

4) Snapseed

If you know anything about Instagram marketing, it’s that the quality of your posts is what matters most for connecting with potential buyers. On a visual platform like Instagram, this means one thing, and one thing alone — high-quality, professional-grade images. The only problem with all of this? Armed with a smartphone, few are able to make this happen.

However, thanks to Snapseed, in a matter of seconds, you’re able to adjust a photo’s brightness, contrast and saturation. Taking things a step further, for those with an untrained artistic eye, Snapseed will actually select areas of your photo that need improvement, retouching them to make them better. Move over Photoshop — Snapseed is easier to use, and here to stay.

5) Iconosquare

Numbers can be intimidating, can’t they? No worries — regardless of whether or not you’re one of those people who lives for the thrill of spreadsheets, quantitative data and numeric trends, thanks to Iconosquare, Instagram analytics are a cinch.

In addition to a host of other analytical options, Iconosquare allows users to both like and comment on followers’ posts, monitor new comments and obtain timely reports about new followers, popular photos and your account’s best time to post.


Are you ready to take your Instagram marketing to the next level? If so, know now that a solid game plan is only the first step. From there, truth be told, you’re only as good as the tools with which you plan to carry out your team’s social strategy. For guaranteed results, use the above five tools. When your business is killing it on Instagram, you’ll be glad you did.


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This article was contributed by Chris Beck who is a Content Producer/contributor and also a well published freelance writer in the insurance and tech space. Originally from Asheville, NC and a University of South Carolina Alum. I am also an avid Gamecock sports follower... I have a family of four including a twin brother, 6 if you include our Fox Hound and German Shepard.