7 Ways to Start Your Day Like an Entrepreneur

January 21, 2016

9:21 am

We’re seeing entrepreneurs, many of whom are relatively young Millennials, take their ideas and turn them into successful, thriving business, particularly in the technology world.

While becoming a successful entrepreneur certainly requires great ideas and dedication, there are some small tweaks you can make in your life that will get you on the path to independent wealth a little more quickly.

Consider making these small changes in the way you start the day as you work toward becoming a successful entrepreneur:

1. Set Three Goals for Your Day

Sure, most of us have heard of the merits of a to-do list, and in today’s modern technology-driven world that may mean our phones or tablets are packed with everything we need to get done, but aside from the traditional to-do list, set three big goals for yourself each day. Three is a number that’s manageable, and if you finish these, you can reward yourself as the day comes to an end. You can consider these three goals to be three successes or “wins” you achieve.

2. Don’t Start Your Day by Answering Emails

Email can be one of the biggest detriments to achievement throughout the day. Wait until later when you’ve completed more essential tasks before you start responding to emails, particularly those that can wait. You may even want to push emails to the end of your day so you can focus the beginning of your day around high-value work.

3. Create a Map of What Your Day Will Look Like

A to-do list is fine, but it doesn’t really provide you much guidance throughout the day, particularly if you’re not accounting for how much time each task will take. Be realistic about how much time tasks will take, and add about 25 percent to your estimates. This will help you avoid being over-booked or overwhelmed, and rather than finding you finish your day without achieving everything you hope, you’re more likely to finish everything early and have more time to dedicate to those high-value tasks.

4. Start With the Worst First

Procrastination is not a good thing for entrepreneurs. If there are certain tasks you hate doing and find yourself dragging your heels on, do those first. The morning is often when you feel the best about tackling the biggest challenges, so don’t put them off until later in the day when your energy may be lagging.

5. Force Yourself to Get Up at a Certain Time Every Day

This can be a tough one, because many entrepreneurs feel as if they get their best work done at night, but in reality getting up early every morning has been shown to help you be more productive, achieve more in a day and be healthier overall. When you get up early, you’ll be able to accomplish more by lunchtime, and you’ll have time to recharge and unwind later in the day.

6. Take Time for a Passion Project

Entrepreneurs are often very passionate, and they’re driven by these interests, so the morning can be a great time to work on a side project that you might not otherwise have time to focus on during the rest of the day. For example, maybe you love writing. Take time each morning to write before tackling your actual work projects and you’re likely to feel more motivated, inspired and uplifted.

7. Exercise

You may have heard this advice before, but morning exercise is something most of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs say they do at least a few times a week. Keeping your body healthy is as important to success as your mind, and when you spend time exercising each morning, you can refocus your thoughts, energize yourself and put yourself on a stronger path for the rest of your day.

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