The Next AR Game Could Be a Fantasy Fighting Cardgame

August 15, 2016

8:00 pm

After Pokémon Go introduced mass audiences to augmented reality, light AR games were the anticipated trend, though most predictions estimated it would take 4 to 6 months before startups could develop their concepts. Well, here’s the first cool one I’ve seen: a fantasy fighting AR game in which players play two different trading cards against each other in order to witness an AR battle between the two tiny warriors that the cards represent.

Here’s an example of the first look footage from the game, “Scions of Helios,” as tweeted by the developer Oshien:

How It Will Work

Oshien CEO Jimmy Smith further explains the AR side of the game in the press kit:

“Using their smartphone cameras, players hover their devices over our physical cards. Doing so causes digital characters to appear on screen inside the player’s environment. Players can then use on screen buttons to manipulate their characters to battle one another. Using different attacks and special abilities, players strategize to win against their opponents.”

Gameplay mechanics will center on a “dynamic turn-based combat system,” featuring six different characters, all with customizable skills and costumes. Players can do battle “locally or worldwide” in order to earn XP.

It’s Still Very Much in Progress

“Scions of Helios” doesn’t have much press, aside from a Reddit post that was deleted for being self-promotional. The Kickstarter campaign for the game won’t even launch until fall of 2016, and presumably the actual fantasy fighting AR game won’t come out until a good while after that.

As far as scale, the trading card game niche is a lot smaller than the Pokemon nostalgia niche is, but it’s certainly a well-represented community online. The Venn diagram of people who’ll want a cool AR trading card game and those with disposable income who frequent Kickstarter has a pretty generous overlap.

Image: Flickr / Oliver Hallmann

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