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September 4, 2007

10:41 pm

So, I guess I should just spit it out. I have decided to leave Google and join a new start-up called BuzzFeed. I realize that my joining another start-up won’t come us much of a shock to all of you which is why I didn’t suggest sitting down before reading this post.

To those of you who were shocked and subsequently fell out of their seat I apologize and claim no legal responsibility for any injuries that may have arose.

Anyhow, being a sentimental guy I will no doubt get a tad emotional in the post and will reminisce a bit. Let’s start the mushiness and reminiscing now, shall we?

First I just want to say that it is very hard to leave my fellow FeedBurners as we have become a tight knit team over the past couple of years but they are all excited for me and understand that the opportunity to join BuzzFeed is a big one.

What we built at FeedBurner was certainly special and I have no doubt that Google will keep things running smoothly while allowing for more innovation to occur. I am also sure my fellow FeedBurners will fight the good fight on behalf of our publishers.

Next up I will simply be re-posting the FAQ from my blog post followed by some more sappiness. I figured a FAQ would be the best way to answer all the anticipated questions I had developed in my head. Plus, who doesn’t love a good FAQ every now and then?

If there are any questions not addressed in the FAQ please e-mail me (eric [at] Here it goes!

Eric leaves Google and joins BuzzFeed: The FAQ

Q: You’re leaving Google?!?! Are you nuts?!?!

A: Perhaps (you have to be a little crazy to do the start-up thing right?). That said, BuzzFeed is an incredible opportunity and one that I simply could not turn down. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

The founder, Jonah Peretti, is a viral marketing rock star who I can learn a lot from. I will be getting in pre-institutional funding meaning I will get to work on raising money. The product is really interesting and the overall company/idea gets me very excited both from a business and intellectual standpoint (more on the company in later posts). The role was exactly what I wanted in a next move and it is also a big step up for me. I will have the chance to help shape the business from the beginning. Etc., etc., etc…

Q: What will you be doing at BuzzFeed and what’s your title?

A: I will be joining BuzzFeed as Vice President of Business Development. What the heck does that mean you ask? Well, I will be doing many things as all start-up folks do but I will focus on working with publishers and other companies that can help us with distribution of BuzzFeed content via a widget we’ve created. We also have some other distribution ideas to firm up that I will be working on.

I will also be working with advertisers who want to utilize our platform to understand and harness the buzz on their products. It’s a great extension of all the things I have been working on at FeedBurner.

Q: BuzzFeed – does that have anything to do with feeds/RSS?

A: Not really. The company works with buzz on the internet and helps companies harness it and understand it. Sure, there is a BuzzFeed RSS feed (need to get it on FeedBurner though) if you like the BuzzFeed content and want to subscribe but we don’t create publisher tools around feeds like FeedBurner.

Q: I just noticed that BuzzFeed and FeedBurner both have “feed” in the company name and the company initials (BF and FB respectively) are simply reversed. Was that intentional?

A: No, but I do find it pretty amusing. Perhaps it was subconscious as I do love feeds. Who knows…

Q: How does BuzzFeed make money?

A: We have a couple ideas on that and they are pretty straightforward. I plan to do a whole post on the company soon so stay tuned for that. I will also write about BuzzFeed on OO occasionally as we’re doing cool new things that need to be talked about.

Q: Where is BuzzFeed located?

A: New York City.

Q: Do you have to relocate there for the new gig?

A: Yes and no. I will be obtaining an apartment in NYC but the love of my life will continue to work in the Chicagoland area so we will be hanging onto our Chicago place too. Since BuzzFeed is still very early stage I need to be in the office so we can hammer out the big decisions (i.e. what beer to buy for the fridge, where to hold the BuzzFeed holiday party, etc.: kidding of course…) but I will be coming back out to Chicago every other weekend for the foreseeable future.

If/when Laura ever decides she wants to move to NYC there is no need to worry as I will be back in town every few months for TECH cocktail Chicago. I have way to many great friends in Chicago to come back any less than every three months.

Q: Perfect segway to the inevitable “But what about TECH cocktail?” question.

A: Frank and I are planning to continue TECH cocktail in Chicago as usual and plan to be back in town for each event (unless we have a major schedule conflict come up of course). Most of the coordination for each event is done over email so Frank and I will continue to manage each and every one of our TECH cocktail events. On top of that my good friend and FeedBurner colleague John Zeratsky will be our “TECH cocktailer on location” for Chicago TECH cocktail. Thanks John!

Q: What about all that stuff you said about Chicago being on the cusp of breaking out as a technology center? Was that all a bunch of crap?

A: Not at all. I still believe that 100%. Chicago is poised to take its rightful place in the tech community as a whole and, with a few more wins, it’ll be there.

Even though I will be spending the majority of my time in NYC I intend to continue to help my friends and fellow entrepreneurs build their businesses in Chicago to whatever extent I can. Also, as mentioned above, TECH cocktail will continue as usual which should continue to help the Chicago tech community. Remember, TECH cocktail was first and foremost a Chicago event. Our roots are here and we won’t ever forget that.

Also, don’t be surprised if I end up working with some of my buddies in Chicago on a company down the road at some point (fair warning – if I ever post about that and you fall out of your seat I am definitely not responsible).

Q: If I have a business meeting(s) in NYC can I snag your couch for the duration of my stay?

A: My friends are more than welcome to stay at my NYC place any time there are in NYC. Hotels in NYC are way to expensive and we’re all on start-up budgets so whatever I can do to save you money I’ll do. Also, if you are ever in town and not staying with me please shoot me a note and we’ll grab a beer.

Q: Are there plans for a TECH cocktail in NYC?

A: Yes. Frank and I are thinking about that now. Stay tuned to for details as they emerge.

Q: Where are you looking at getting an apartment in NYC?

A: The East Village, Lower East Side and Brooklyn. Anyone know a guy that can help?!

Q: Are you worried about being mugged/beat up due to being a Red Sox fan?

A: Yes. But I am still gonna rock my Sox gear with pride. Go Sox!

Q: When do you leave Google/start at BuzzFeed?

A: I leave Google on Friday, September 21 and join BuzzFeed on Monday, October 1.

So, I think that about does it. Main takeaways:

  • I am leaving Google to join BuzzFeed as V.P. Business Development.
  • I will be back in Chicago every couple of weeks.
  • TECH cocktail Chicago will continue as normal with John Zeratsky being the man on the ground.
  • My commitment to the Chicago technology community is unwavering. I’ll simply have to work harder to make sure I am contributing here in Chicago while in NYC.

Thank you’s are now in order:

Thank you to all my FeedBurner colleagues who made my first start-up a very enjoyable experience. You guys rock!

Than you to Dick Costolo, Steve Olechowski, Rick Klau and the rest of the team for giving me a shot when, on paper, I had no business being at FeedBurner.

Thank you to the Chicago tech community. You guys are all incredible. Without all of you and your enthusiasm TECH cocktail wouldn’t be what it is today. Chicago’s future as a tech hub gets brighter by the day and it is because of all of you.

Aside from my FeedBurner colleagues I would like to send a big thank you to Aashish Dalal, Jason Rexilius, Dan Ratner, Jeff Judge, Matt Maloney, Matt McCall, Kirk Wolfe, Bruce Barron, Troy Henikoff, the midPhase guys, Mike Carruth, and the host of other folks I have had many a coffee/beer with over the last couple years (you know who you are). You guys are great at what you do and you have helped to shape my thinking around technology and business in many ways. Let’s keep up those conversations as they are invaluable.

That concludes this change of jobs post and my emotional thank yous. Again, if anyone has any questions just post a comment here or shoot a note to eric [at] See you all on the other side!

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