The Personal Profile is the Currency of the Future

July 23, 2015

10:00 am

I’ll say it again in case you missed the headline: the personal profile is the currency of the future. Take a minute to think about it and consider how integrated into our daily lives the personal profile already is.

We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn: all social media accounts that thrive around a page dedicated entirely to us and our relevant data. That’s the ‘now’ though, not the future.

Sure, in the future we’ll most likely still have our individual social media pages. However, there are those who think that it will likely extend to the other side of the fence: agencies, companies, marketers…you name it – they’ll all have personal profiles about us.

Matthieu Dejardins is one of the people who see this future as more than plausible, and he’s trying to get ahead of the curve with his company NextUser. I’d say that he’s absolutely qualified to make this claim too: he has 15 years of experience in the ecommerce industry with a heavy emphasis on international marketing, finance, logistics, and distribution from his bachelor’s and master’s education.

Specifically, NextUser was built as an open marketing platform optimized for automation in an effort to help B2C companies communicate more efficiently with each individual that makes up their audience. That is, they engage with their audience on a more personal level.

“Think of NextUser as a layer that goes on top of the current marketing tools you’re already using, where you have the ability to personalize marketing efforts at scale. Nobody has really done this yet,” says Dejardins.

NextUser was built on the two founding precepts of understanding user intent and helping marketers harmonize their efforts across digital channels. By centralizing user data in a collective hub, marketers can easily locate groups of people with similar characteristics and behaviors on their website.

Further, marketers can manage their entire communication strategy across all points while simultaneously coordinating communication efforts on their site, email, advertisements, social media pages, and mobile platforms. Quite literally, everything NextUser does is to help marketers resonate with specific audiences instead of blanketing to a general demographic.

Are you starting to see the value in Dejardins initial claim? If you have easy access to the data about your users, you’re going to know how to appeal to their niche, mindset, and philosophy to draw more business.

“We understand where they’re [the users] coming from and how many times they came back,” says Dejardins. “We also track not only the media but the personalities of people and the emotions they feel on a site. We have a full spectrum understanding of what’s going on with your users and why they’re doing the things they do.”

NextUser only uses this data for good though, and it’s something the entire team supports. Their collective view is that the most successful companies are the ones that offer products and services that best meet the buyer’s needs and expectations. It’s a win-win.

“We love the online marketing space. We believe in helping companies better understand how to serve their customers. It saves people’s time browsing and finding what they’re looking for while matching the goals of companies,” says Dejardins. “We hope to make the world a better place by matching the buyer intent with the company’s business objectives.”

It might be niche, but there’s some serious power behind this idea. That’s probably part of the reason that NextUser was invited to join the Dell Founder’s Club 50. Pair that with the fact that Dejardins says his platform can disrupt any market vertical and the sky really is the limit for NextUser.

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