Tactify Announces NFC Cards That Instantly Open Mobile Apps

August 4, 2016

6:00 pm

Investing in business cards is a move many are wary of making. While it’s no secret the business world is easier with connections, nobody really knows how affective business cards are at making them. Particularly when every single one of us has 20+ business cards in our wallets and purses that we haven’t looked at since they were handed to us. But what if the business card was more than just a piece of paper with a clever icon, a goofy slogan, and your contact information? What if these handy networking tools were able to start a digital experience with a potential customer? Well, Tactify has done it, and it’s as cool as it sounds.

Dubbed the TappCard, this revolutionary technology could change the game for networkers around the world. Simply put, it’s a custom printed card with an embedded NFC chip that can instantly download apps and other media onto a smartphone. Whether it’s by means of a tap or a QR scan code, you’ll be able to send your app out to anyone in a matter of seconds. Gone are the days of pushing your business card down people’s throats. Never again shall you wonder if your investment is simply gathering dust in a Rolodex from 20 years ago. The business card is relevant again and Tactify is on the cutting edge.


The need for this kind of technology is more than apparent. While mobile apps have become one of the most important factors for budding businesses, networking efforts in general have become increasingly difficult due to the overabundance of communications-based technology. Between email, Slack, messengers, social media and even the mail, getting in touch with people that can influence your business gets harder every day. TappCards will make it easy to literally put your product in your potential customers pocket without so much as a second thought.

Particularly in offline venues, like conferences and networking events, getting noticed is hard. Tactify is looking to use this cards to make an impact in these spaces, making it easier than ever to track your companies progress. And with an expansive set of analytic features, you’ll be able to see how well your marketing efforts are working at different events, all through the use of the app.

Let’s be honest, we were all over business cards, right? Every time they’re given out, a glimmer of false hope twinkles in both the giver and recipient, as if something will actually come from it. But alas, nothing ever does. This innovation will not only have impacts on the business card wielding world, but also on the networking landscape as a whole. Because if we can bring business cards back, what else is on the horizon for business-savvy social butterflies looking to meet their next investor?

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