Nintendo Continues to Cash In on Nostalgia with Mini Console

July 14, 2016

3:05 pm

Nintendo is crushing it lately. After the launch of Pokémon Go, the gaming company has added some $9.3 billion to its market capitalization in a little more than a week. While the gaming wars had previously been dominated by Xbox and Playstation, Nintendo seems to be making a case for a three-party system. Particularly when they are set to release a miniature version of their popular Nintendo Entertainment System for low prices on November 11th.

That’s right, the NES will be revived in an 8-bit model that will only cost buyers $60 to relieve their childhood. The video game console will come with 30 retro games and can be easily plugged into your TV through an HDMI outlet. An authentic controller will come with the device as well as ports that make it simple to add another. However, you will have to purchase the second controller, for the low price of only $10.

Don’t worry, Nintendo has made some adjustments to the console in order to make it a little more friendly to modern gamers. While classic games, like Super Mario Bros, Zelda, and Donkey Kong will all be available, third-party games will also be playable, like Mega Man 2 and Ninja Gaiden. In addition to the extra titles, a number of games will have save features where there previously was none. That means that getting smashed by a boulder or hit with a turtle shell is not going to be the controller-smashing disappointment it used to be, as you can just start from your save spot!

Now that I’ve gotten all the details out of the way, how awesome is this?! Vintage Nintendo is by far the most coveted gaming experience anyone has ever enjoyed. Whether it be the shockingly bright colors or the engagingly simple gameplay, something about those 8-bit heroes rescuing princesses made life seem a little easier.

But is this all that Nintendo can muster at this point? While the gaming company has seen recent success thanks to their nostalgia-peddling ways, one has to wonder if it is even possible to keep it up. Microsoft and Sony have been able to keep gamers coming back for more with new titles and extra content like it’s water and oxygen. If Nintendo can’t find a way to compete that isn’t reliant on their consumers’ childhoods, they might be in trouble. Because eventually, we’re going to grow up.

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