NO. 1 Smartwatch Is Convenient But It’s Nothing Special [Review]

June 29, 2016

2:12 pm

Technology has taken off at a remarkable rate in recent years. From virtual reality headsets to smart house software, there is no telling how far into the future we will travel before everything is said and done. And while many have adapted smartwatch technology to their everyday life, many still view this tech as a remarkable accomplishment for mankind. After all, if James Bond could use it 20 years ago, there is a good chance you’ll get to use it today. And if you are looking to up your technology game, the NO. 1 smartwatch from Gearbest can get you there.

This device has the connectivity you would expect, the style you would relish, and the functionality you need. However, as someone that has become accustomed to the bells and whistles of modern tech, this product seemed a little too bland for such a cool looking device. Perhaps this judgement is a post-new Apple Watch announcement, but this writer was left wanting in terms of convenience versus enjoyment.


Features and Specs

The NO. 1 smartwatch has dozens of features that would make an tech fan jump for joy. With fives scrollable pages of apps, you would assume that there would be no end to the fun you can have with the device. Unfortunately, function trumps enjoyment in this category and almost every app is something that can be used for something, not to kill time. Whether it be your inbox, your call log, your bluetooth settings, or your calendar, this smartwatch keeps your life organized but not entertained.

If you are looking to use this smartwatch to improve your physical fitness, you are in luck. This watch is equipped with a heart rate monitor, a pedometer (that was tested a Cedar Point, a large Ohio amusement park), a sedentary reminder, and a sleep monitor so you can keep yourself health from dawn ’til dusk. You can also get notifications from text messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Twitter, as long as you download the correct bluetooth notifier app on your phone. Plus, it has adjustable clock faces that make checking the time a little more fun.


Design and Functionality

Because practicality is clearly the goal of this smartwatch, the design is surprisingly small for such a sophisticated device. As someone that hasn’t worn anything on his wrist since he got a plastic, digital watch out of a box of Captain Crunch when he was 7, I found the NO. 1 to be far from intrusive to my every day schedule. Plus, on the first day of wearing it, I spilled an entire margarita on it without any damage. And while I wouldn’t recommend that, it is good to know that it can take a licking and keep on ticking.

As far as function is concerned, the NO. 1 is a bit of a mixed bag. While it stays connected at more than 30 feet and keeps you up to date on your many notifications, it does have trouble staying connected throughout the day. Granted, it can be reconnected in the click of a button without taking out your smartphone, but in this day an age, consistent connectivity should be more than a given.

Pros and Cons

  • Sleek, stylish design that doesn’t impede on basic tasks;
  • Simple functionality for everyday use; and
  • Has real watch faces for classic appearance.
  • Not enough bells and whistles; and
  • Connectivity issues.

Recommended to Buy

As long as your expectations are more practical and less entertainment-focused, this watch is a great buy. The price tag is shockingly low compared to Apple and Samsung prices at only $30 (during a special promotion) and the amount of usable (albeit boring) functions make it a must-buy for anyone on the go, particularly the athletically inclined. As far as this product ranking is concerned, we give the NO. 1 smartwatch 4.5 out of 5 stars for style, conveniences, and practical use.

Where to buy:  GearBest

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