NogginLabs Talks E-Learning Software

February 26, 2010

11:05 am

Editor’s Note: This video episode was created by Tim Jahn, a longtime Chicago TECH cocktailer and storyteller who produces the online video series, Beyond The Pedway focused on better telling the local business stories in Chicago. You can follow Tim on Twitter: @timjahn.

noggin labs

In this episode, I’m chatting about e-learning with the folks at NogginLabs, a Chicago based company that develops innovative e-learning software for companies ranging from banks to fast food restaurants to therapist practices.

If you can’t see the video, please click here. The music featured during the intro and credits of this episode is a song called “Fess Up, Face Down” from local Chicago band Blane Fonda.

The ins and outs of e-learning

NogginLabs builds e-learning software applications for that the learner takes at a computer. Here are some highlights from our chat about e-learning and being creative:

  • NogginLabs has always had a very strong focus on hiring creative writers, rather than technical writers. This allows them to create well rounded, realistic characters and storylines within their e-learning software.
  • When NogginLabs first started as a business, co-owners Traci and Brian kept their client base diverse to ensure a steady income stream. What started as a way to protect the company has turned into a critical part of what makes the company and it’s employees creative and well rounded.
  • The folks at NogginLabs are great at creating real life based training that is unique compared to the other products in the e-learning space today.
  • Everybody at NogginLabs is encouraged to be creative, leading to a more inspiring and creative workplace. Most have their own creative endeavours outside work, like improv and writing.
  • Employees at NogginLabs are encouraged to “make it cool”.
  • The little things are very important. Sound effects and background music aren’t necessarily required for e-learning products but they add greatly to the overall user experience.

The full live interview

This episode was also broadcast live on Beyond The Pedway LIVE! Check out the entire unedited interview below:

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