Slack Attack Round 2: #Nomads Passes 3,000 Members

May 18, 2015

3:00 pm

In January, Tech.Co reported that the corporate communication tool Slack was being used more and more often for private networking among groups united by an interest.

One of the Slacks we highlighted, #Nomads, has since skyrocketed in popularity. They’ve managed to pass the 3,000 mark as they nurture and support a community of nomads across the globe. “Let’s kill lonely, together,” the invitation beckons.

#Nomads is the companion chat to Nomad List, Pieter Levels‘ guide for remote workers with a wandering habit. The guide provides the weather, monthly cost of living, air quality, and internet speed for major cities across the world. These stats are vital to the general quality of life for a nomadic geek.

Within the chat community, members can meet based on what city they are in or want to travel to. They exchange useful information, warn others of potential travel hazards, and point out sights you shouldn’t miss. According to Levels, the community has racked up some impressive stats:

4,160 daily messages posted
478 people reading daily
140 people posting daily
100,000+ messages posted in the last 30 days

Compare these numbers with other non-corporate, community building Slack communities:

WordPress: 4377
User Experience Design 3230
Larachat 2916 2893
free code camp 2751
Startups 2409
Gophers 2042
Reactiflux 2203
techlondon 1337
sketch 1119

The popularity of nomad work lends credit to how popular this Slack channel is. It’s quite an interesting take on building and managing a community. Check #Nomads out now, and peruse our other resources for remote workers and digital teams below:

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