Online Trading Goes Social with Nundino

March 18, 2012

10:00 am

Online trading just got more social, as Singapore-based startup Nundino opens its platform to beta users. Nundino is a free social community and micro blogging platform for online traders, enabling them to share trades, gain insight on what others are trading, and interact with like-minded investors.

Nundino was founded by Anju Aggarwal and Matthieu Labbat to make the difficult process of stock discovery, research, and buying/selling more efficient, social and enjoyable. Telecommunications strategists by day and entrepreneurs by night, Aggarwal and Labbat have learned a thing or two about the startup life.

“As a first time entrepreneur myself, I must say Nundino is like having a child,” Aggarwal said. “You take its formation and progress very seriously and personally and are delighted when it gets good grades or makes new friends.”

Aggarwal likens the process of meeting potential investors to dating.

If you find the other attractive, you’ll try to talk to them in a crowded room or get your friend to introduce you to them. You may exchange numbers and some nice words. You then hope that they will call you. You often meet for lunch or dinner, and you always put your best foot forward, peppering the conversation with interesting anecdotes. You then mull over if this one is really The One.

Based on the concept of Community Empowered Trading, Nundino taps into the burgeoning world of social finance. Nundino enables users to collectively benefit from sharing their trades and to follow other successful traders or stocks and get real-time updates on their activity.

The entrepreneurs’ ‘child’ is off to a promising start. “Our presentation at Demo Asia on March 1st went extremely well, and we had at least 30 people personally come up to us and congratulate us on the presentation over the course of the conference,” said Aggarwal. “I was proud of what my kid, Nundino, had achieved!”

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