A German Man Invented This Lock for Your Jar of Precious Nutella

September 2, 2015

2:09 pm

Have we reached peak Nutella? It seems like every day BuzzFeed creates another new recipe that uses the delicious hazelnut-chocolate concoction. I mean, sure it’s good, but is it so good that you have to safeguard your jar of Nutella from friends and family members? Apparently so.

The Local (Germany) reports that Daniel Schobloch, a German man who works at a furniture and fittings company, has invented a Nutella lock to keep everyone other than yourself out of that Nutella jar. The acrylic lock easily fastens over your Nutella jar and comes with two keys. Considering the Nutella lock’s build, Schobloch told The Local that it’s really more of a prank gift than an actual lock that can permanently keep intruders out of your Nutella.

According to Schobloch, the idea started out as joke – sparked by his friend’s frustration over his children constantly eating all the Nutella. But what initially started as a prank has turned into an independent venture in itself. “As the demand continued to grow, we decided to offer the device on ebay,” Schobloch told The Local.

Schobloch is currently selling these Nutella locks on ebay, at a price less than €10 each.  As of August 26th (when The Local made the initial reporting), nearly 1,000 units had been pre-sold on ebay Germany; today, however, it seems you can no longer pre-order a unit. There’s always the hide-Nutella-under-your-bed method.

(H/T Mashable)

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