O’Daddy App for Parents Puts Family First

March 7, 2016

5:00 pm

With today’s crazy pace of everyday life, it’s hard for people to become immersed with work – so much that they take work home. Not only is this bad from a health standpoint, but kids will end up suffering as well; while they know parents are home, they are not exactly home, as their minds will be focused on work and not on the kids.

Making this separation between work and personal life was hard enough in the past but, in recent times, with the appearance of smartphones, it became almost impossible. In order to help parents with this issue and put family back in the top of everybody’s priorities, the tech veteran and mobile expert Oded Israeli decided to create a new app, O’Daddy.

Available for iOS and Android, this app aims to help all users – but especially parents – to stop paying so much attention to smartphones and spend quality time with their families. Israeli wanted to fully pursue this idea, so he left his job at a successful startup to fully dedicate himself to the development of the app and, several months later and with the help of two other co-founders, he created O’Daddy.

The app was officially launched at this year’s Mobile World Congress, held last month in Barcelona. The event’s theme was “Mobile is Everything” and, by presenting the app there, Israeli wanted to make a point that mobile cannot be everything – or it should not, at least. He explained this furtherly:

“Mobile makes our kids compete for our attention, makes us miss important moments in our kids’ lives, and gets both us and our kids addicted and apathetic. We want to turn the mobile device back to a tool that actually helps parents and kids spend quality time together.”

O’Daddy helps parents in four main ways:

  • Creating time – push notifications for parents to leave work and pay attention to the kids;
  • Activity suggestion – according to the kids age, location, preferences, and other aspects;
  • Focus on kids and not on work – when parents open the O’Daddy button, they enter “Quality Time” mode, which counts the time parents spend with their kids. If it reaches 15 minutes, they win “O’Daddy Smiles”, which can be redeemed for cash discounts at leading retailers in the near future;
  • Tracking quality time – just as fitness apps, O’Daddy tracks the amount of time parents have been at home each week and what activities they did with each of their kids. Soon, it will be possible to anonymously compare how they are doing in relation to other parents using the app.

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