The Official Guide to Stocking Stuffers

December 4, 2015

12:30 pm

Now that you’ve got your primary gifts on your lists, it’s time to stuff those stockings. For you, scratch-off lottery tickets at your local grocery store simply won’t do, for you need something different, perhaps even blue. It does not need to be large or expensive, but creative, unique, and fun. These are our top picks for stocking stuffers this year:

Bucardo Mug

Now that Movember is over, you’re bound to know a few new people sporting some fancy mustaches. Lucky for them, there is a mug designed to protect their bristly handlebars and fu manchus, the Bucardo Mug. Bucardo will also donate $2 from every mustache mug sold to help the Movember Foundation change the face of men’s health.


Cost: $20

Flying Screaming Monkey

For the holidays, everyone deserves a toy. Young or old, boring or over excitable, you’re bound to find a smile when they stretch the monkey and fling it across the room. Combine that with the horribly obnoxious screaming sound and its cute cape, and you have yourself the perfect stocking stuffer.

Flying monkey

Cost: $5.40

Doctor Who Lego Set

I guarantee you know at least one Doctor Who fan, and this has been one of the most requested Lego sets in recent years. Although it’s not the cheapest stocking stuffer, it’s bigger on the inside anyways.

Lego Doctor Who

Cost: $60

3D Printing Pen

3D printing is still all the rage, between cars hitting the market and creating your own bobble heads. With the 3doodler 2.0 you don’t need a thousand dollar printer, just your imagination and a bit of creativity.


Cost: $99

Karma – WiFi on the go

Hitting data caps are all but common, and for those lucky enough to still have an unlimited data plan often can’t tether to other devices. With the Karma hotspot, you can connect to local cell towers and turn it into WiFi for your tablets, computers, and other devices.


Cost: $100


Everyone loses things. With a new set of gadgets coming your way for the holidays you certainly don’t want them getting misplaced. For $25 you can get a small Tile added to anything, making it easy to find. Using the associated app you can set off a tone on the Tile or find it on a map if possibly stolen.


Cost: $25-$130

NomadPlus and PowerPlant

For every new device you have, you have another charger and battery to monitor. With Nomad’s PowerPlant and NomadPlus external batteries, you can keep the juice flowing. The NomadPlus uses your iPhone wall charger and turns it into a 1,800 mAH external battery. The Nomad PowerPlant is a 12,000 mAH external battery with an exterior created from American Walnut. It can charge a regular smartphone about four times over once fully charged.


Cost: $20-$50

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