Ohlala Lets Women Choose Their Paid Dates

February 3, 2016

11:07 am

Women tend to wield the power in most online dating scenarios. Most single guys I talk to complain about how women are way more pickier than guys, will completely dismiss the opportunity to meet them for the slightest thing, and are rarely the ones to message first. Yeah, that sucks for the guys, but let’s be honest, women can usually afford to be picky.

Now there’s a dating app that is purposefully putting women in control. Ohlala, a dating platform from Berlin where women can choose from paid date requests from men, has just launched in New York City, its first city outside of Germany.

The app lets both men and women create profiles (which then must be verified), but the women remain anonymous until they accept a date that the guy has set up. He can fill date requests with details such as time and price range. Requests are made available to all active female users in the area for only 21 minutes, emphasizing an instant dating experience. Once a woman accepts a request, then her profile is made public and the two can chat.

“People have become overwhelmed by the time and difficulty it take to get an actual date online. Tired of the friction caused by superficial platforms that claim to offer an avenue for instant connections, we’ve focused Ohlala on creating true instant dates, making offline encounters happen quickly,” said CEO and cofounder Pia Poppenreiter, in a statement. “In an effort to provide choice and anonymity to our female users, Ohlala allows for women’s profiles to remain hidden until they choose to accept an offer at which time they may reveal their profiles, cutting time spent back and forth.”

One major glaring downside to Ohlala (if you haven’t figured it out on your own) is that it is only an online dating option for straight people. There’s no way, currently, for women to set up dates with other women or men with other men. This alienates huge sections of the population who are also looking for partners online. Thankfully there are plenty of gay dating sites like Her for women and for men, where they can find a date without even having to pay for one.

Aside from its first US launch, Ohlala has also announced the closing of a $1.7 M seed round$1.7 Million Seed round from investors including Oliver Samwer’s former co-founding partner Max Finger, Ben Kubota, and Markus Ertler.

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