Businesses Can’t Live Without These 3 Old Technologies

December 9, 2015

10:00 pm

We’re all about the tech on this site, but too often that means ignoring older forms of media that still have a seismic impact on business. Much like the wizened advice given by kooky old people on American television shows, sometimes using tried and tested processes can be the key to a successful business.

This isn’t a nostalgia piece. We’re not going to claim the BBC Micro can still hold its own against an iPad. This is about how old technologies are just as important as they ever were. Take a look and see how they could affect your enterprise.

The right delivery

Parcels are – despite digital downloads, eBooks, and movies on demand – still as relevant as they ever were. It’s a fact that Amazon is more than aware of, if their attempts to revolutionize parcel delivery systems is anything to go by.

Over the past few years, the shopping behemoths have experimented with parcel delivery by drone, meaning customers will have to place landing pads in their back gardens. The company has even begun working on immediate dispatch, as workers in Amazon’s vast delivery warehouses begin packing parcels before you’ve even finished processing your order.

A small startup can’t possibly compete with these levels of efficiency, but it can choose the right delivery service to make it as quick and customer-friendly as possible. Whether you’re sending a parcel delivery to USA, Timbuktu or simply to the other side of town, look for a company that’s competitive in its pricing. Various price comparison sites exist to make the process that little bit easier.

And bear in mind: if Amazon holds deliveries in high esteem, you should too.


In this world of emails and messenger services, it’s difficult to push your personality on a company. In some cases, a lack of verbal communication could even make you look like an ad-hoc, fly by night business. Yet one aged piece of tech can instil confidence in a company – a working landline.

A phone fixed to one location implies that you’ve already got a permanent office, and are therefore in a stable financial position. Moreover, clients who can contact you via phone will feel as though your customer service is better, as opposed to the passive voice usually found in most corporate emails. Invest in a few phones (or many, if you’re a thriving business) and you’ll enjoy more satisfied clients and more direct service.


Companies seem obsessed with automated services – from self-service tills to claw-like machines welding cars together at BMW plants, the thirst for usurping human workers is insatiable. It’s understandable in terms of cutting back on wages, but people are the greatest technology of all – you’ll be missing out on a number of unique features if you get rid of them completely.

While machines can build cars almost perfectly, they can’t think outside the box or respond to major issues. They can’t serve a customer politely or make small talk, and they certainly can’t help you develop your service to be the absolute best it can be. Keep that in the back of your head when you’re looking for the latest tech – the human touch will always be the most effective.

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