How Older Entrepreneurs Can Succeed in a Tech-Savvy World

August 10, 2015

11:00 am

The industry you are in may have been around for some time. However, just as David Sessford from We Pay the Most said, “although our service is new, we are certainly not new to the property industry.” Therefore, you must evolve your services technically to keep up with your competition (the younger entrepreneurs). As someone seasoned in the game, it is time to realize you need to step up to be successful in a tech-savvy world. Below are four tips on how you can do so.

Keep Up with Tech Stories in Your Industry

No matter the industry you are in, there is bound to be new software and equipment released that improves your job or the people you help. You may never get around to selling these digital items. However, you do want to keep up with industry blogs and magazines to at least know of them and speak about these new products fluently. It’s easy to do this, simply subscribe to them to get the feed in your email or subscribe to Google alerts.

Advertise Outside of the Box

In today’s world, print media is just outdated. It’s time to get your company online. And, if you are already online, a simple one-page listing is not going to cut it. You need a few pages:

  • About us – Tell the story of who you are and where you want to go.
  • Services – Prospective customers should not have to browse and guess to find out exactly what you offer.
  • Products – If you list your products and services together, that’s However, be descriptive in what your products do. Do not have your prospective customers go to your competitors’ page to find out how something works.
  • Videos and Testimonials – Put up videos of your actual customers. You want to show everyone how your product works and that there really are satisfied clients. Implementing these practices are not hard at all. They can be simple videos you’ve posted on your YouTube channel and embedded on your site.

Get with Social Media

Social media is doing nothing but growing. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter were only the beginning. Now, all businesses are on Pinterest, because of the new ad placements and incorporation of videos. Periscope and Meerkat are the new Twitter as they give real time updates as to what’s going on with your business.

Of course, you want to do a bit of research to verify which social media outlet to use. You need to verify your customers are on those channels. However, having a presence on them all can only help rather than hurt- right.

Take a Class and Learn a New Skill

Are you unfamiliar with what CPM, cloud backup, SEO, ERP, or SaaS is? Well, it’s time to take a class. As a busy, older entrepreneur, your time and money is valuable. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of time nor money to invest in furthering your knowledge of these tech-savvy industry terms. Go to sites such as HubSpot Academy, Moz, Coursera, and YouTube so you can learn new enterprise skills, search-engine optimization strategies, as well as inbound marketing techniques, and more.

So start implementing these strategies today. You’ll find you will be able to keep up with the competition and succeed well in today’s tech-savvy world.


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