OMS 2010: Social Media & Marketing Analytics

June 25, 2010

4:40 pm

A Day at the Online Marketing Summit – San Jose, CA

The Silicon Valley is known for housing a high-concentration of global technology companies such as Apple, Adobe, Cisco, Google, and Sun Microsystems. Last Friday, the Valley was also the home of the seventh stop of the Online Marketing Summit’s 2010 23-City Tour. Started in 2006, the OMS is a day filled of educational opportunities for experienced Internet marketers and those interested in enhancing their online marketing skills.

Aaron Kahlow, CEO and Co-Founder of Online Marketing Connect, speaks with Jeanette Gibson, Director, Social Media, Corporate Marketing, Cisco Systems.

Aaron Kahlow, CEO and Co-Founder of Online Marketing Connect, speaks with Jeanette Gibson, Director, Social Media, Corporate Marketing, Cisco Systems.

Aaron Kahlow, CEO and Co-Founder of Online Marketing Connect, the organization behind the OMS, began the day with the intro keynote. He emphasized that today was about interacting with your colleagues and the speakers to match your passion with your career goals. Kahlow mentioned that the goal of the summit is to encourage attendees to collaborate and learn how to execute best online marketing practices. The key to having a successful day was to relax, ignore your technology, and listen for the Aha moments. Kahlow finished his introduction with a quote from famed scientist Albert Einstein, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Thus, the day began with attendees opening their minds to new ways of thinking of and engaging in business.

Throughout the day, members of the Silicon Valley marketing community participated in sessions focused on subjects such as: social media strategies, SEO, Website Usability, Web Analytics and Measurement Tools, eCommerce, and Behavioral Targeting. Listed below are the top takeaways from a couple of the day’s sessions.

Social Media Reality Check: Proving the Value of Social Media through Research and In Practice with Jeanette Gibson, Director, Social Media, Corporate Marketing, Cisco Systems

  • “In marketing, we are all change agents in our company.”
  • “We have a lot of practices at Cisco, not a lot of best practices.”
  • “Experiment, Test, Measure, Share.”

How to Leverage Blogs (Yours & Others) to Increase Your Search Engine Visibility with Jeanne Hopkins, Director of Marketing, HubSpot

  • HubSpot publishes three posts a day, which include posts from the 160 employees at the company, guest bloggers and aggregated content. The key of the blog is to stay relevant to the organization. They do not require all of their content to be created from scratch.
  • Blogging is about creating a conversation and then engaging.
  • If you are nervous about your blog production schedule, comment on other’s blogs and embed links to your blogs in your comments. It’s not spamming to enter into the conversation, just make sure to add some value.
  • We are all in communications and we are all selling – the key is to make sure that you are engaging versus directly selling.
  • Remember that comments are for all – agreeing and disagreeing.
  • Put a call to action in your blog posts to generate new leads. For example, have a downloadable link to a presentation related to the post that requires viewers to supply their email in exchange for the presentation.

How Smart Marketers Use Email, Social, and Mobile Media to Engage Customers and Create Brand Fan with Joel Book, Director of eEducation, ExactTarget

  • Brand advocates have become the new marketers.
  • Email is the backbone of online marketing. It is the most trusted form of one-to-one communication on the web.
  • “75% of social media users say email is the best way for companies to communicate with them.”  MarketingSherpa2010
  • Download your free digital marketing resource guide from ExactTarget:

Decoding Customer Behavior Online with Patrick Bultema, CEO, CodeBaby

  • Emotion drives our decisions.
  • To decode customer behavior one must:
    • Engage customers at an intuitive and emotive level.
    • Respect the highly interactive human dynamic.
    • Explore emerging innovations for making a human connection online.
  • The touchstone of customer experience is the face to face conversation
  • With social media we are drafting off of the emotion.

Margaret Francis, VP, Scout Labs and Randy Ksar, Community Manager, Motorola

Margaret Francis, VP, Scout Labs and Randy Ksar, Community Manager, Motorola

Brave New World of Metrics: Twitter, Facebook, & Social Media Analytics with Margaret Francis, VP, Scout Labs and Randy Ksar, Community Manager, Motorola

There are several excellent online analytical tools that help top companies determine how to proceed with their social media and web marketing tactics. View the slides nearby to see which free and well-priced products are available to use for analyzing your online outreach.

Back to the Basics – Putting Technology in Its Place

At the final keynote of the day several organizations were represented. Here  is a list of the top lessons from the discussion:

  • “Search is the most efficient place to spend your money.” – Paul Taylor, President, Webmarketing123
  • With social media, you don’t need to “respond to all of the comments, don’t be overactive. Some things you just need to let go.” – Deidra Bodkin, VP, Client Services, IDG Strategic Marketing Services
  • Mistakes are made all the time, but if “you know better, you need to say it. Be polite and advocate another approach.” – Lauren Vaccarello, Sr. Search Engine Marketing Manager,
  • Stop deploying technology because your boss tells you to, unless you know why and have a strategy. Tell your boss that you need a strategy. Just throwing something up will not be successful – Kelly Graham, Sr. Manager Global Social Media Marketing, Cisco Systems

The Bottom Line:

Social media and web marketing is here to stay. If you’re company is not utilizing the tools available, then you are losing out on the endless opportunities for corporate and monetary growth. The key to social media success is experimenting and engaging. Take a risk and jump in.

Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

Be sure to catch the OMS’s next stop in your city.

June 30th in Chicago. July 7 in Boston. July 8 in Philadelphia. July 9th in New York. July 12 in Washington DC.

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