PediaQ Expands to Houston with On-Demand Pediatric Care

April 25, 2016

10:16 am

There has been a lot of innovation in the world of healthcare lately. Long gone are the days when you’d have to make an appointment weeks ahead of time, or sit in a waiting room for hours for an “urgent” appointment. There are lots of options out there now when it comes to patient/physician communication, quality of care, and treatment options.

While urgent care centers have been around for a while and there’s been an improvement in the availability of walk-in healthcare options, not many of them focus specifically on pediatric care. It is still a challenge for many parents to get an appointment for their sick child. That coupled with the stress and lack of free time that new parents face, can make things especially hard. Thankfully, this startup I’m about to tell you about is putting busy parents first.

Dallas-based PediaQ is an urgent care solution specifically for pediatric care. They have taken the on-demand model that we most often see applied to food delivery and transportation, and made it an option for parents of sick kids. They offer after-hours pediatric house call for parents if their regular pediatrician is unavailable.

Just recently the company has expanded its services to The Woodlands of Houston. Previously they have only serviced Dallas, but since their launch in the Fall of 2015 they have made almost 2,000 house calls and have received 100% five-star ratings for their services. Their guarantee of service within an hour coupled with a cost that is less than that of urgent care center or emergency rooms, has only increased their popularity.

“With hundreds of 5-star ratings from parents, high convenience, and a lower cost of urgent care, as the only service of its type, our goal is to expand our service well beyond our launch markets in North Texas,” saidCEO Jon O’Sullivan of the expansion in a statement. “The strong presence of and potential to work with large provider groups like Texas Children’s Hospital, Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital or other provider groups in Houston, along with numerous growing family centered areas like The Woodlands, make Houston an ideal market for PediaQ to demonstrate its innovative platform and bring after-hours pediatric care back into the home.”

The services provided, while on-demand, are not quick or impersonal either. The pediatric specialists who work for PediaQ spend a a significant amount of time with the patient, diagnose the condition, and send in a prescription if necessary. Their night and weekend availability make them convenient when parents need them most and when kids tend to get sick the most.

PediaQ has focused on The Woodlands in Houston as its next market because, as an area that is full of growing families, its also an area that could benefit the most from their services.

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