One Month Acquires GoRails to Bulk Up Ruby on Rails Course

December 19, 2014

4:30 pm

One Month has been in the news recently, offering amazing deals and scholarships for their online learning courses. Today they announced that they have officially acquired GoRails, a site with screencasts for Ruby on Rails Developers.

In addition, they have added GoRails to the One Month curriculum of courses and educational products for their users. GoRails follows in the footsteps of the now defunct RailsCasts in creating short, ten to twenty minute video lessons designed to help people continue their Ruby on Rails education.

The idea is to fill in the gaps, explain the confusing pieces, and give people an understanding that they can’t find anywhere else on the web. And over the last six months GoRails has built up a library of over 30 free and premium video lessons: more than ten hours of content.

“We’re excited to add it to our library of educational content because it fills in a much needed gap, teaching intermediate developer skills to people who have finished courses like One Month Rails or graduate from other coding bootcamps,” says Mattan Griffel, CEO of One Month

The founder of GoRails, Chris Oliver, will be joining the One Month team as a lead engineer. Oliver, a self-taught engineer, has been coding since seventh grade. Since then he’s been involved in many Ruby on Rails open source projects, the St. Louis startup community, and

“When I found out that Chris Oliver had created GoRails and made it a success in such a short amount of time, I thought that it would complement the One Month curriculum perfectly,” says Griffel. “At the moment we offer courses specifically designed for beginners. A lot of students finish classes like One Month Rails and ask what they should do next. We’ve never had a good answer for them, until now.”

According to Griffel and the One Month team, GoRails is the perfect, light-weight way for a beginner or intermediate coder to continue their education by learning how to build specific features and functions in bite-sized chunks. They also think it’s perfect for somebody who knows what they want to build, but not how to build it.

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