OneVest Acquires FounderDating, Facilitates Entrepreneur Network

July 28, 2016

11:03 am

They key to a successful startup ecosystem is working together. If VCs don’t have access to bankable startups, they won’t do a lot of investing. If quality employees don’t have access to businesses in need, they aren’t going to help build a successful startup. And, perhaps most importantly, if founders don’t have access to mentors and co-founders, their startups could be dead in the water. Fortunately, one company has set out to make connecting entrepreneurs easier than ever. And they were just acquired by OneVest.

That’s right, as they announced this morning, OneVest has acquired FounderDating in an effort to create a gigantic entrepreneur network by pairing with their subsidiary, CoFoundersLab. Not only will the acquisition strengthen their already impressive ability to connect advisors, cofounders, and entrepreneurs, it will also allow for a vast array of resources that will make the startup process that much easier.

“We are thrilled to welcome the FounderDating community into our entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Alejandro Cremades, executive chairman of OneVest in a press release. “Small businesses are the growth engine of our economy, not to mention the catalyst for innovation and change.”

Perhaps most importantly, FounderDating has provided a uniquely helpful service that made their acquisition inevitable. Their entrepreneur Q & A platform, deemed FD: Discuss, provides entrepreneurs with a forum to ask their founder questions and startup queries. In recent months, it has boasted more than a 90 percent response rate with 3-4 answers coming in every few hours.

The move demonstrates an effort on the part of OneVest, and their subsidiary CoFoundersLab, to further collaborate with the entrepreneur community rather than divide it. They hope to make resources, cofounders, mentorship, capital, and even advice more accessible to everyone around the world. And with the acquisition of FounderDating, it’s going to be even easier.

“We exist to provide entrepreneurs the resources, tools, and support they need to succeed,” said Cremades. “Together, we are committed to accelerate startup growth and empower even more people to positively impact their community and the global economy through entrepreneurship.”

As the go-to place to for early stage startups, FounderDating will bring a different level of networking to the OneVest arsenal, taking them one step closer to providing a full-service network for entrepreneurs. With hopes of ushering in the “Age of Entrepreneurship,” this partnership will go a long way in facilitating a network of dedicated builders for years to come.

Photo: OneVest

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