Can an Online Assessment Help Strengthen Your Relationship?

December 8, 2011

4:00 pm

Judging by the user feedback at SoulSynch, the answer the above question appears to be yes.

This San Diego-based startup developed a self-service, personalized online solution to help people improve the way they think and talk about their relationship.

“I have many friends and colleagues that have gone through a divorce or are in a unhealthy relationship,” said co-founder and CEO Hani Yassin.  “The devastation it causes to those involved…is immense. The divorce rate indicates the available solutions to help are not working, so I figured let’s try something different by combining technology with experts in the relationship space.”

SoulSynch is not an eHarmony/ dating site.  Here’s how it works: you fill out a free 15 minute assessment online with your partner and get personalized feedback that targets negative relationship patterns.  Then you can get  actionable recommendations to start changing those patterns for the better.

Hani, whose background is in business development at a variety of technology companies, met co-founder Brenda Vaccaro at a startup.  At the time, she worked in operations/HR, and a few years later made a big career change – to clinical pyschology.   When Hani thought of SoulSynch, he called her immediately.  Their third co-founder, Jennifer Ballerini, is also a clinical psychologist and good friend of Brenda’s.

Because the self-help market is huge, Hani said that being a semi-first mover on the technology side of it seemed like a reasonable thing to do.  Brenda and Jennifer came up with the questions in the assessment and provide the recommendations and feedback.  SoulSynch has a patent pending on their Personal Relationship Optimization Model (PROM).

If you’re attending our Tech Cocktail San Diego, you can meet the team tonight – and maybe take that assessment while you’re at it.

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