How An Online Knowledge Base Can Enhance Product R&D

May 11, 2014

12:00 pm

Never before has competition among businesses been so high. Regardless of industry, product and/or service, or size, you need an advantage. For instance, in the area of product research and development, you need access to viable information and ongoing answers. Because of increasing demand, you now have the opportunity to use an online knowledge base that will enhance product research and development.

Although there are some differences between each knowledge base, most are designed to accomplish the same types of things, such as the examples provided below:

  • Provide answers to commonly asked questions
  • Provide insight into using a specific product
  • Provide updates as they become available

Simply put, an online knowledgebase provides key information and answers that people search for repeatedly. This benefits the support team by allowing them to focus on more complex issues, but also gives you a go-to place that bypasses the need to spend a significant amount of time talking to a live customer representative or sift through stacks of manuals, books, and research papers. In addition, using an online knowledge base to enhance product R&D puts you more in control of the outcome.

Key Benefits

Some of the primary benefits of using an online knowledge base to enhance product R&D include the following:

  • Cost-Effectiveness – With any business, there are budgets. Even for government agencies and nonprofit organizations, a set amount of money is established for specific goals. In all cases, there is a cost-saving benefit of using an online knowledge base. For example, you can use hosted help desk software opposed to purchasing multiple servers, but also avoid the need to hire more people to manage the servers.
  • Information Sharing – An online knowledge base is an excellent way to collaborate with developers, designers, researchers, vendors, marketers, manufacturers, and even businesses. However, an online knowledge base will also keep consumers informed about up-and-coming merchandise, services, and technology, as well as enhancements to existing products and/or services offered.
  • Decision-Making – I also want to point out the benefit of better decision-making by using an online knowledge base to enhance product R&D. Because of the way the system is set up, but also the information it provides, you gain innovation for individual and shared solutions, speed up the process of discovery, learn about any applicable regulatory issues, and gain a better understanding of what consumers want, as well as how to create the perfect product to accommodate those wants.

Whether you have an idea for a new product or want to enhance something already developed, an online knowledge base is extremely valuable. Because the economy is driven by information and solid collaboration, the right online knowledge base will enhance product R&D by offering effective strategies such as those mentioned above, plus many more.


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