Online Monitoring Service NetHound Launches Today – From the Czech Republic

April 10, 2012

1:00 pm

NetHound is online network monitoring service launching today – that is based in the Czech Republic (more on the tech scene there in a bit).  Not only does this SaaS solve a major problem, the small 4 person team added a bit of humor to the service: NetHound barks as soon as it finds a problem on your network.

Let’s first clear up what a network monitoring service is: it complements antivirus software and firewalls by blocking hacker attacks, viruses and malware, outgoing spam; it also prevents downloading from file-sharing services and detects virus-infected computers and BitTorrent.

NetHound was created for small to mid-size companies that cannot afford (and don’t need) enterprise level systems.  If you have 20-200 computers, this is for you.  Simply install NetHound on one computer, and it will protect all computers on the network; alerts are delivered via email or SMS.  What makes NetHound really unique is their Network Behavior Analysis tool that learns what normal traffic looks like so it can flag new, unknown or unusual patterns that can indicate possible threats.

Back to the Czech startup scene. According to David Balcak, a designer at the company, the scene is still nascent but growing stronger.  “There are emerging new startup accelerator programs, workshops, lectures,” he told me, “and I can feel it’s getting better and better. It’s lightyears away from what’s going on in the US but nothing like it used to be few years back.”

Balcak said that there are some government programs that support startups with money and mentors, like the South Moravian Innovation Centre.   The centre is currently incubating 2 dozen startups that offer a range of products and services, from medical image data processing to biotech.

Naturally, one of the challenges for startups in the Czech Republic is – you guessed it – funding.  “There are, of course, VC’s and angel investors in CR but the system and mentality is different in comparison to the US,” Balcak added.

NetHound’s founders are Pavel Minarik and Zdenek Vrbka, both of whom have startup experience.  This is their 2nd startup together; the first is a company called Mycroft Mind, which focuses on complex event processing, and Vrbka worked on several startups prior to that. They are offering a free 30 day trial, so check them out – and let us know what you think with a  comment below.

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