4 No-cost Tips for Seizing the Attention of Your Online Target Market

August 24, 2014

8:00 pm

In the online world attention equates to cash once you have established who you’re marketing to and begin to understand your audience. However, many companies are struggling when attempting to get their target market to notice them. Not only do they have to compete with various other companies that may have been established for longer, they also have to compete with the various distractions and social media hypes present within the tangled domain of the World Wide Web.

Online Target Market

However, this doesn’t mean that marketers need to spend insane amounts of money to ensnare prospective buyers. With a little creativity and determination, organizations looking to expand their market into the online sphere can utilize free, effective strategies to snatch the attention of their target audience, and keep it.

  1. Get your articles published on a Niche Blog or Website

You can establish your own online marketing platform by finding high-traffic niche blogs and websites to feature content about your product, website, or service. Find three or more blogs which cater specifically to your target market, and contact them, highlighting how you can provide value for their readership, this will help you to reach thousands of new potential customers within days.

  1. Create Social Media Pages, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Groups

The goal here is to get people talking about the service, product, or concept that you are offering. At the same time, you can connect with your target market, other professionals in your industry, and help to drive traffic towards your website that can increase your sales. The more friendly and connected your audience perceive you to be, the more they will feel capable of trusting you.

  1. Make YouTube Videos

With over 800 million visitors a month, YouTube is an amazing marketing opportunity for businesses, helping them to capture the attention of the video market. People’s attention spans are short, and short videos can be very popular, as long as you go beyond simply posting videos about your product, and be determined, focused and entertaining with your message.

  1. Ask a Local Celebrity to Endorse you

Though many online businesses would love to get a high-profile celebrity endorsing their business, it can be easier, and less expensive, to look for a local celebrity. This method can help establish you within your local market, and at the same time you can still be gaining exposure in the global market.

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