Photo Booths Come to Life with Technology from OnomonoMEDIA

April 6, 2015

2:00 pm

For years, party planners and event managers have been using photo booths and the accessorized props that commemorate celebrations where friends and families gather. At Tech Cocktail events, we’ve been especially thrilled by the animated memories that OnomonoMEDIA creates as we gather communities, startups, and tech leaders together.

This year, at SXSW, OnomonoMEDIA was able to feature unique, never-seen-before technology and experiences for their varied clients and their popular installations. According to Benjamin Gustafsson, the VP of OnomonoMEDIA, “Increasingly our clients are coming to us and saying, ‘Would it be crazy to try and do this?’ And we say, ‘No! That sounds amazing. How much lead time to do we have?'”

One such installation meant combining a static image with an animated background, as they did for the FX Channel’s “Fearless” brand:

Something the Tech Cocktail event attendees loved, nicknaming it the “old timey silent film effect,” was OMFilm: stylized, looping films that definitely captured all the fun.

The team at OnomonoMEDIA said they were excited to offer OMFilm and “blur the line between mediums…This is essentially what we do — we experiment with new media, combine digital and analog tools, and ultimately create user experiences where people can be creative in a totally new way.”

Branding can take just about any form that a client wishes. Flying cats, cascading logos, or just about anything that a client can dream of can be created to bring these photo booths to life.

The signature platform, the ŌmBooths, still makes lively pictures, gifs, and video possible with this portable, memorable booth allowing attendees to share the fun and spread the brand. It’s so darn addicting to watch these gifs!


The booths are designed and built one at a time to exact craftsmanship standards so that they are not only easily transported and installed, but they’re visually appealing as well. OnomonoMEDIA’s photo booths are socially connected and take beautiful pictures, videos, and gifs, and they also collect data. The images that are produced can certainly be branded, as shown above, as can the booth itself through wrapping. The images can be printed on the spot, uploaded live to any server, projected live to the event, broadcast to social media, or do all these things at once. Special thanks to OnomonoMEDIA for their support at our event.

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