Opinionaided: Real-Time Advice On The Go

November 18, 2010

11:42 am

New Jersey based startup Opinionaided wants to help you get advice and opinions in real-time. Their platform allows you to pose questions to the world or to your personal network, and crowdsource “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” feedback instantly. Want to know whether to purchase the iPad with 32GB or the cheaper, younger brother? Or, whether it’s worth heading to the movies to watch the new Harry Potter movie? Snap a picture, type in a question, and submit the data using Opinionaided’s iPhone app or website. Within minutes, feedback starts rolling in from friends, family, and the world.

Opinionaided Screenshot To try Opinionaided, there are currently two options: through the website and through the iPhone mobile application. The mobile application is free through the Apple app store and has a slick, intuitive user interface that allows you to pose a question, vote on open questions, or check the results for your queries. It also integrates with Twitter and Facebook for a seamless sign-on experience, as well as the ability to push your questions out to a network of friends and family. The website has similar, but slightly more limited functionality. For all of the Incredible and HTC users out there, the team is working on producing an application for the Android OS and expects to have it released soon.

Opinionaided was founded in 2008 by Dan Kurani, Mike Melli, and Matt Holloway. No strangers to the tech world, the founders have worked together for over six years on various projects in the digital media, mobile, and consumer web worlds. Dan, who leads product design, successfully grew an award winning interactive agency to over $3M in revenue by building mobile and web applications for clients such as Nike and University Studios, just to name a few. Mike Melli leads development at Opinionaided where he is responsible for the mobile and web platform and architecture. He has over 12 years of experience building secure, scalable, transaction based platforms for commerce and publishing. Matt Holloway owns user experience and has been designing rich, engaging consumer driven platforms for over ten years at clients such as Coca-Cola and Accenture.

Opinionaided Screenshot

Initially, the team plans to generate revenue through mobile advertising and market research. As they build their network to critical mass and the application gains more user engagement, they plan to explore opportunities to facilitate a marketplace for paid expert advice. There may also be a mobile commerce play if the application becomes extremely relevant in the shopping experience.

Opinionaided is looking to raise their first round of capital soon and will be at the Tech Cocktail NYC mixer event this Friday, November 19th, at Bar 13 in New York. Stop by and say hello to the Opinionaided team.

Guest author Alex Bovee is a product junkie and startup enthusiast. When he’s not thinking deep thoughts about products, marketing, and analytics, you can catch him on the slopes, climbing walls, or out hiking. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and currently lives in San Francisco.

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