Opinionoto: Up & Coming Platform Let’s Users Voice Opinions Based on What’s Happening in Real-Time

July 14, 2014

7:30 pm

Two things will stand out to you when you visit Opinionoto. While the design and moving text might catch your eye, the phrases “Share Your Opinion” and “See What the World is Talking About Now” are a lot more powerful. Despite only being in it’s beta version, Opinionoto can offer you – or any of your friends or people who engage in online conversations frequently – a new platform to voice your opinions.

What is Opinionoto?

According to their website, “Opinionoto is an opinion sharing platform that allows users to share and ask opinions about topics and receive real-time feedback from a robust, opinionated community.”

Other than the obvious similarity of being a social platform, Opinionoto differs from Twitter and Facebook because it’s a platform strictly dedicated to voicing opinions – and offers and environment where ideas can be heard and conversations aren’t one-sided.

“We thought that discussion was kind of hard to find on the internet like on social platforms for to people to engage in dynamic discussion,” says Co-Founder and COO Shehmeer Ahmad. “And we felt there was a use for that and created Opinionoto.”

How Does Opinionoto Work?

With the number of websites, social platforms and forums growing, Opinionoto will stand out through a few ways: connecting people across the world, promoting dynamic conversation, and most importantly showing the “opinion” in a new light.

“People of interest are gathering together, but there is no real debate going on. So we are trying to connect people with opinions who are interested in the same subject,” says Ahmad who is also a sophomore at York University in Toronto. “We help get the conversation started by moving towards a middle ground where people can come to a conclusion.”

Opinioto is also easy to use and has various features, according to their about page. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Share Your Opinion: according to their site, users can express themselves in 360 characters or less – “Get discovered fast as our algorithms connect you with people of similar interests – you don’t have to be famous or popular to be heard anymore.”
  • Start Discovering: the options for users are limitless – they can ask questions, and get advice to help them get another perspective.
  • The Focus from Big Data to Smart Data: “Our carefully designed sentiment analysis algorithms calculate a Vibe score to show how the globe feels about anything,” according to their site.
  • Show favorites through a bump: “A bump allows users to share a post with their followers; bumping a users posts will make that post appear on your followers’ feed. A bump for a reply (or sub-reply) simply acts as a way of showing favorability.”

The Future of Opinionoto: A Platform on the Rise

 As of now, Opinionoto is invite only (or users can request access) and, they have about 2,500 users who are testing the site; Ahmad says they are getting a couple hundred invites per week. They don’t have an exact date for when the site will be open to everyone, but they do have a timeline.

“As soon as it’s close to the final version that we have in our vision we will open the registration form to the public,” says Ahmad.

Additionally, the team – made up of Ahmad and CEO and Co-Founder Arber Beqiraj – have the skills and background to make Opinionoto a success in the future. For example, Ahmad is a computer science major who also studies epistemology and psychology with a passion.

“I appreciate the dissonant nature of opinions and believe whole-heartedly our platform can help channel human progress through dynamic discussion,” says Ahmad.

To learn more about Opinionoto, watch this video:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5YBOehFvFI?rel=0]


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