Opternative is Bringing the Eye Exam to Your Living Room

October 12, 2015

7:00 pm

For the majority of my life I’ve had 20-20 vision. At least, I had 20-20 vision up until about two years ago: I’d be sitting at my desk and get splitting headaches, I’d see double, and I’d feel a general malaise.

The hypochondriac in me started to freak out, but the pragmatic adult in me came up with the bright idea to just go to the doctor. Sure enough, a quick eye exam revealed that I’d have to wear stylish Ray Ban frames for the rest of my life.

Now, even though the exam only took about 20 minutes it was an incredibly arduous process and by the time I got home it had been about five hours. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who finds some small fault with the process of booking an eye exam and lens prescription process.

Opternative is a company based out of Chicago, and they’re streamlining the entire eye exam process by offering in-home services to all of their users. Their platform provides consumers with new prescription glasses or contacts in 25 minutes or less, and you can take their eye exam on your smartphone or computer.

Within 24 hours you’ll have a prescription that you can use at any retailer out there – yes, that includes the high end all the way to the budget box. Exams are only $40 for prescription glasses or contacts, and $60 if you want to get both.

The eye exam itself uses the same subjective principles that any eye doctor would use, however there’s no requirement to put that massive lens assembly in front of your face. Everything is based on your responses to the exam, medical history, and a licensed ophthalmologist’s appropriate prescription. You should note that Opternative isn’t built to replace an eye health visit – that’s something you still need to see a doctor for, and it’s recommended you go about once every two years.

For everything else you might need, it seems like a no brainer. And you can rest easy knowing that Opternative holds The American Academy of Ophthalmology and HIPPA guidelines and rules in high esteem.

Image Credit: Opternative PR team

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