Orabrush: A Tongue Scraper With Social Media Prowess

February 19, 2011

8:52 pm

Tongue scrapers have been used since ancient times, designed to clean off the bacterial build-up, food debris, fungi and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. They have been promoted mostly by dental hygienists but not every dentist’s office promotes the tongue scraper the same way they remind you to brush and floss religiously. That is where Orabrush comes in.

Orabrush is a new brand of tongue scraper technology that has been building up an army of followers by leveraging social media to get its message out there. Basically saying that “bad breath” comes from a dirty tongue which is something that Orabrush can help clean up. Yes, it’s a smart marketing plan, but we’re not sure if anyone would have predicted Orabrush’s over 116,257 subscribers and 34,873,134 views on YouTube. Their creative team has really found a magic mix of humor and information in their videos that has made them go viral across the web. Orabrush also has an iPhone application that helps “detect bad breath”. We’re not quite sure how it works since the iPhone doesn’t have a sniff-test capability, but you can give a whirl and let us know what you think 😉 

Download the Orabrush iPhone appBad Breath Detector - OraBrush

Download the Orabrush Pro iPhone appBad Breath Detector (pro) - OraBrush

But the big news is that this past week, Orabrush announced a funding round from True Ventures and then went on to clown them in their most recent video. Given their videos popularity, we don’t think anyone at True Ventures will be too upset.

You can order an Orabrush and be on your way to a cleaner tongue by ordering an Orabrush for just $4.99 or buy an Orabrush 4-pack for  only $15.99.



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