Why Ordering Taco Bell From Your Smartphone Is a Big Deal

October 29, 2014

2:30 pm

Like most adults, I secretly love fast food (Go ahead, judge me) but avoid it at all costs (Exceptions include: Airports, hangovers and break-ups). So when Taco Bell announced this week the launch of their new app, the 12-year-old fat girl inside of me jumped for joy!

The new app lets customers nationwide order food ahead of time and pick up their meal via drive-thru or at the counter. This is a trend that will most likely catch on, since the fast-food customer base is young and uses their smartphones for everything. They are targeting their core demographic.

According to The Verge, Taco Bell is the first big fast-food player to offer mobile ordering at this scale, but others have been conducting pilot tests. So it is really a matter of time before you can order a late night Big Mac on your smartphone too.  Taco Bell’s app also allows customer to access every ingredient on its menu, and it will offer some food items exclusively via the app. The chain also plans to launch a loyalty program early next year for its frequent customers.

“You’ll be able to order products that no one else can,” Tressie Lieberman, senior director of digital marketing and platforms at Taco Bell, told USA Today.

As part of their marketing strategy for launch, Taco Bell  temporarily blacked out its website and social media accounts. These accounts are now promoting Taco Bell’s new app. They also had an exclusive live announcement to the press, like most tech companies do.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 5.47.16 PM

Yes, it’s bad for my health to consume that amount of calories with zero nutritional value in one meal. But Yo quiero to skip those lines and indulge.

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