Ordr.in’s Open Platform Inspires Open Mindedness for Restaurants

November 15, 2013

1:00 pm

One of the most prominent uses of the open platform we see in our day-to-day lives rests in the Android operating system. Developers who build their apps on Android catalyze innovation, which makes a world of difference in the long run; the closed platform is not conducive to growth or new ways thinking.

But let’s take that open platform mentality one step further, for David Bloom, CEO of Ordr.in, certainly has. Bloom sees the restaurant industry as one plagued with issues surrounding closed platforms, closed apps, and closed mindedness.

The model of trying to create one-to-one connections between consumers and restaurants is not inherently bad, but it is hugely difficult to scale. According to Bloom, the result is typically limited innovation and minimal ecommerce penetration.

If developers approach the restaurant industry through an open platform though, they could actually work with existing ecommerce providers to create a massive collaborative market. Ordr.in, then, was developed to be that open platform for online food ordering.

Through a series of APIs and other developer tools, Ordr.in lets anyone build a food ordering system or add food ordering to an existing app. Bloom and the team want to enable an infinite number of new ways for restaurants and consumers to engage and transact; their mission is to power innovation and make the spread of ecommerce for restaurants easy.

“We are currently the world’s only restaurant ecommerce platform,” says Bloom. “In just two and a half years more than 19,000 restaurants are live or in contact with Ordr.in.”

Restaurants and publishers can make use of the lightweight ordering tools to deploy with the same simplicity of embedding a YouTube video or use the full featured API for complete flexibility. Ordr.in is ecommerce-as-a-service, from end to end.

“Building an open platform for any form of commerce is difficult,” says Bloom. “It is not a consumer experience and therefore makes it harder for people to relate personally.”

Not to mention there is a mountain of competition to face, but the team takes an interesting approach concerning competitors. They fundamentally consider all competitive entities as potential or current customers. The idea is that by adding value as widely as possible, they drive success for Ordr.in’s open platform.

Standing strong in their belief that the entire web is moving from a closed to open system, Ordr.in was designed for the future of that open world. They have a popular saying around the office: “You may not be able to picture the world in five years with us, but in five years you won’t remember the world without us.”

 Ordr.in was featured at Tech Cocktail’s New York City Mixer & Startup Showcase on Septermber 18th. 

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