PageLime: A Simple Hosted CMS For All!

September 23, 2010

11:21 pm

PageLime, a DC-based startup, offers a new web Content Management System (CMS) allowing anyone to easily maintain the content within their existing websites. Their focus on ease-of-use is apparent from the start as the service requires no installation and no real code to integrate. That said, they are targeting designers and developers who are comfortable enough adding the cms-editable CSS class to HTML elements on their site to get the CMS set up for their customers. From there, the end-user who wants to edit their content has it even easier as there’s hardly any learning curve.

Using those CSS classes, the web-based CMS application figures out what elements are editable and allows users to manage text, images, links, SEO fields, simple image edits and even create templates and new pages. PageLime publishes changes to the site via FTP, XML or one of their other publishing methods. Anyone who has access to the PageLime editor can make content updates without any possibility of damaging the site architecture. PageLime encrypts all sensitive data and never touches the code. Currently there is a 5GB limit on storage of assets.

PageLime Editing

Green bubbles indicate which fields you can edit within the WYSIWYG interface.

PageLime allows users to manage multiple websites as well as white label the CMS tool and resell to their own client bases, creating a potential new revenue stream for designers and developers. Their iPhone app is coming soon. It is free to start using the basic PageLime service on up to three websites. Beyond those three, there are pricing plans available ranging from $19  – $70 per month and higher for very large organizations.

As the team states on their site:

PageLime is managed by a dedicated team of former freelancers, developers, and interactive agency types. We’ve been in your shoes, and that’s why we built PageLime.

American University students Emil and Tom started Pagelime out of a “need for a better CMS that allowed designers to easily integrate and clients to easily update.” Meet the PageLime team at TECH cocktail DC Fall 2010 on September 29th, 2010, where they will be a featured startup.

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