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PageWoo: Turning Mobile Advertising Woes Into Wins

September 17, 2012

1:00 pm

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of footsteps from the mass exodus of people who are leaving their feature phones behind to adopt smartphones. For this reason, companies are rapidly bringing their digital presence to mobile. As smartphone adoption rises, advertisers and publishers are looking for ways to effectively expand into this space. Mobile world, meet PageWoo.

In my interview with Jason Crilly, cofounder and CEO of PageWoo, he shared some of the biggest problems in mobile advertising that they aim to address with their business model: the lack of restrictions on how many times an ad is viewed, the quality of mobile landing pages, and getting relevant ads to your target.

PageWoo addresses these issues and focuses on making mobile advertising work. They help businesses create a marketing page for their company. With their interface, businesses will be able to create optimized pages with faster load times, distinguish clear calls to action, and monitor tracking analytics to ideally see their conversions grow.

For the industry as a whole, both advertisers and consumers would benefit. In fact, Crilly explains that “advertisers can target better by pulling a user’s geolocation to show ads that are pertinent both demographically and locationally,” while consumers see relevant ads. While PageWoo’s main market includes big-performance advertisers and large corporations, they’ve also done well in social media creating micro-sites and building interactive landing pages.

Before they started PageWoo, Crilly and cofounder Holden Steinberg did agency client work for Fortune 500s, started an interactive development studio, and worked extensively with web design and development, as well as building interactive platforms. In fact, when they started, they knew they wanted to grow in the Los Angeles startup community. Since graduating in the first class of StartEngine, a Los Angeles accelerator, they have received funding from a variety of angel investors.

Currently, PageWoo is in private beta and is working with advertising networks. “While LA is known for idea people, everyone on our team knows how to either code or design. We want to build things that have a huge potential for disruption in this market.”

For more information and updates on PageWoo, visit their website here or follow them on Twitter @PageWoo.

Cofounders Jason Crilly and Holden Steinberg

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