PandaDoc Offers Startups Essential Document Automation

May 31, 2015

6:00 pm

Paperwork is an integral part of the business environment, regardless of whether it is stored in a physical or digital format. Even though many businesses have looked for viable options that would enable them to reduce their overall flow of paper, the reality is that everything from brand new tech startups to Fortune 500 companies needs to be able to rely on contracts, price quotes, invoices and many other document types. Instead of getting buried underneath all of this paperwork, you can utilize document automation software from PandaDoc to make everything run more smoothly.

Get Your Startup Off on the Right Foot

Even if you use the same basic information within each of your contracts and receipts, it is still a wise decision to embrace templates so that you never end up wasting time creating something from scratch while your client is waiting. PandaDoc’s invoice templates include a variety of useful options, ranging from commercial to rental invoices. This makes the software easily useable by an extensive list of industries, and it helps explain why major companies such as Panasonic have turned to PandaDoc for their document automation needs. After all, PandaDoc promises that their software will increase your company’s paperwork productivity by 35 percent, and the amount of money and time that this could save is more than worth the monthly subscription price.

Innovative Ideas

In addition to offering an automated paperwork process that makes creating everything from contracts to quotes easier than ever, the people behind PandaDoc are focused on continuously helping businesses through the development and implementation of bold new ideas. A great example of this forward-thinking approach happened earlier this year when PandaDoc’s co-founder Mikita Mikado announced the company’s decision to release an HTML based replacement for PDF files. PandaDoc also helped simplify e-signatures, and users are able to track each of their documents to find out when someone has electronically signed them.

Mobile-Friendly Approach

The drag-and-drop document creation process that is offered by PandaDoc may work best with a laptop or desktop, but this does not mean that mobile users have been ignored by the software. In fact, the previously mentioned e-signatures can easily be collected via a smartphone or tablet. This helps speed up the process of getting quotes and contracts approved, which will ultimately help your company save time and make more money.

Document automation is a fantastic way to keep all of your paperwork formatted the same way, and it enables workers to avoid all of the headaches that are associated with the typical word processing software. Instead of fighting with your software, you can use PandaDoc to complete everything quickly and accurately. This software is also compatible with a long list of other popular apps and programs, including Google Drive, Dropbox and Insightly.

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