Paul Singh’s Spins Out Data Product Called

November 7, 2013

6:51 pm

Today Paul Singh’s data product was renamed and reintroduced to the world as, but will keep the community product at a will collect data about startups, accelerators, and portfolios automatically every day and employ teams of analysts to validate said data while providing their own, unique insights.

“The startup landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years. There are more companies, more accelerator programs, and more opportunities for both founders and investors,” says Singh in the blog post. “There is also more data about what works and what doesn’t; more data about what makes a great company great; more information about what the indicators of success are.”

While the public market has given investors the proper tools to make the right moves, the private market has left the majority of investors to go about their decisions blindly. That is, when it comes to metrics, indicators, and analysis, there is a large asymmetry of information in the private market.

“In most cases, private investors simply have to trust a charismatic founder’s deck and hope their own gut feeling keeps them out of trouble,” says Singh.

To change that, houses tools to directly help founders and investors get a comprehensive view of the private market and stay on top of what they care about. Currently, the platform tracks metrics on over 65,000 startups and over 70 portfolios; users can access all of this data free of charge.

The bottom line for Singh and his team remains that they are committed to making this data actionable for you, the customer, in as many ways as possible. Anybody can create their own mix of what they think will be predictive of a company’s success.

“It’s startlingly easy and informative,” says Singh.


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