The PAX 2 Vaporizer: An Industry Catalyst in its Own Right

April 3, 2015

10:00 am

When you look at the technology alive in the modern day legal cannabis market, it tends to revolve around vaporizers. It’s been something a lot of entrepreneurs have tried to break into recently, but before cannabis legalization was even being considered on a large scale there were people who grew dominant in their efforts to master vaporizers.

“What’s fascinating to me about this industry is that this is a tech space. These devices basically for the most part have a solid two year run before the end user is looking for the next best thing,” says Aaron LoCascio, CEO of and vape expert. “It follows the same kind of path that cellphones these days do – get one for two years, then when a new hot one comes out you upgrade.”

The problem that a lot of past, and current, vaporizer companies have run into is failing to innovate and push forward to that next generation product. If you want to keep your customers for more than two years, it becomes essential that you have the hot new upgrade when they’re looking for a new model.

Now, if you went around and asked who has made the best, longest running vaporizer many people would point you towards PAX Labs Inc. According to LoCascio, they’ve long been considered chief among their competition, establishing a clear lead with the release of the PAX 1 vaporizer.

At this point though, the PAX 1 is about two and a half, fast approaching three, years old. People were anxious to see if PAX Labs would be able to stay ahead of the bell curve or if they would crumble and fade away.

The world was waiting for it, and very recently PAX Labs began shipments of the PAX 2. They took everything they knew about PAX 1, listened to customer feedback, kept all the good, and cut all the bad.

PAX 2 is about 25 percent smaller than PAX 1, but the team managed to fit a battery in PAX 2 that lasts for about 30 percent longer. It heats up faster, has a magnetic charger, and an astoundingly good looking aesthetic.

Sure enough, the PAX 2 speaks for itself, but it’s also interesting to see how PAX Labs leveraged their resources to maintain success.

One of the first vaporizers from Oglesby & Butler, the Iolite, was relatively low tech but saw massive success. They were in the right place at the right time as people were looking for a device that was truly portable.

“The Iolite was a catalyst because a lot of very intelligent people who normally wouldn’t have gotten involved in the industry began looking at it,” says LoCascio. “They said, wow there’s an opportunity here.”

PAX Labs was in effect a catalyst with their PAX 1 vaporizer, which is what helped them reach such heights of success. The level of innovation they delivered on the portable vaporizer built a solid product, raised awareness of the market, and brought in new faces.

If tradition holds, the result should be further advancements in the field down the road paired with further success for PAX Labs and the PAX 2 model.

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