Where’s the Humanity in Social Media Content? Take a Peek at Peekseed

March 11, 2012

12:00 pm

Q: Where’s the humanity in social media content? A: Peekseed

In the ongoing stream of tweets, likes, shares, emoticons, commenting, and other social sharing methods, we’re still somewhat limited in our personal expressions online. Currently, our social web lives are shackled to sharing services that fail to capture true and genuine interests due to their limited rating systems (likes, stars, retweets, you name it). It doesn’t help that there’s a continuous bombardment of waves of noise created by drawing content from a broad sweeping social net. Users are receiving poor quality content, a lack of emotional engagement in the sharing process, and little meaningful interaction with others.

Ryan and Dylan Brown, brothers from Philadelphia, are bringing us a solution. Peekseed is a social content sharing platform for individuals who want to explore their interests, express themselves, and connect with others in a more meaningful way.

Peekseed was created out of a desire to help connect others based on the things people are passionate about. Rather than just contributing more to the superficial noise, Peekseed seeks to use innovative new features and a user-curated, visually stunning point and click interface. Peekseed hopes to return the humanity to content sharing by encouraging thoughtful sharing and connecting others based on what truly matters to them.

Currently in beta, Peekseed intends to release their mobile applications in 2-3 months. Over the past 2 months, Peekseed has formed alliances with a renowned film festival, major record labels, and prominent universities. They are also planning a Music and Film Awards contest, which will be launched here at SXSW, and a potential summer concert festival back in Philadelphia.

Peekseed’s biggest competitors include Pinterest, Digg, and Reddit. However, Peekseed is betting that its attractive interfaces, ability to visually track a user’s influence using a proprietary technology, ease of use for creating and curating content, and a new type of customization will convert Peekseed into a personal one-stop-shop for content and interaction.

Note: Although Peekseed is currently fully funded, they are still open to investment from groups that can bring other non-economic benefits.

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