Adriana Cisneros

CEO and Vice-Chairman

Adriana Cisneros is CEO and Vice Chairman of Cisneros, one of the largest privately held media, entertainment, digital media, real estate, tourism resorts and consumer products organizations in the world.

Cisneros wholly owns or controls companies ranging from broadcast television and television production to consumer products, and real estate. The group sells TV programming and other media content on five continents and in over 90 countries. Its media and entertainment holdings include Venevision, the leading television network in Venezuela; Venevision International, a global Spanish-language entertainment company; and Venevision Productions, a supplier of top-tier telenovelas for North American and world audiences.

As CEO, Adriana Cisneros will restructure the corporate mission on the bases of four strategic pillars: establish new leadership and consolidate new methods of production and distributing of multiplatform content; diversify risk with the creation of new business divisions; invest in innovation and identify entrepreneurial digital projects; and sustain a dedicated vision for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Adriana is the granddaughter of the organization’s founder, Diego Cisneros, and the daughter of its Chairman, Gustavo Cisneros. As a third-generation leader at Cisneros, Adriana is focused on developing new lines of business, establishing global strategic alliances, generating content across all multimedia platforms and extending the company’s global reach.

Also, since 2009, Adriana Cisneros is President of the Fundación Cisneros, a non-profit organization founded by Gustavo Cisneros and Patricia Phelps de Cisneros to improve education in Latin America and foster global awareness of the region’s heritage and its contribution to world culture.