Andrew Bokor

Andrew Bokor

Andrew Bokor, has co-founded a new tech startup, Truss. Truss is a listing platform that simplifies the commercial leasing process for landlords looking for tenants and businesses searching for new office space.

This is the third company Bokor has co-founded in Chicago. His first start-up, Exault, grew from 9 people to $60M in revenue in 18 months. Exault was completely self-funded and sold to VeriSign in 2001. Bokor’s second start-up, Trustwave, grew to 1,200 employees in 26 countries with revenue exceeding $200 million. Trustwave was acquired by Singtel in 2015 for $770M.

Bokor has more than 22 years experience in the technology sector. His sharp business development skills have helped him successfully build several companies from the ground up.

Bokor also serves as a principal at Sullivan Wayne Partners, a boutique technology management-consulting firm. He’s also a member of venture capital firm, Hyde Park Angels.

Bokor graduated from University of Kansas with a BA in Political Science and DePaul University with an MS in Computer Science.