Dave McClure

Founding Partner

I’m a geek, an investor, former software developer, entrepreneur, occasional blogger and internet marketing nerd. I’ve lived in Silicon Valley for over 25 years and I’m passionate about startups & entrepreneurship. I’ve invested in hundreds of companies all over the world.

I’m the founding partner of 500 Startups (http://500.co), a global seed-stage VC fund & accelerator with ~$125M under management. We have invested in over 900 companies across 50+ countries including: Twilio, SendGrid, Credit Karma, MakerBot (acq by SSYS in 2013 for $400M), Wildfire Interactive (acq by Google in 2012 for $350M), and Viki (acq by Rakuten in 2013 for $200M).

Previously, I managed early-stage investments for Founders Fund (2008-2010), and led the Facebook fbFund incubator program (2009). After leaving PayPal in 2004, I was an angel investor/advisor in ~15 startups including Bix.com (acq by Yahoo in 2006), Mint.com (acq by Intuit in 2009), Jambool (acq by Google in 2010), TeachStreet (acq by Amazon in 2011), SlideShare (acq by LinkedIn in 2012), and Mashery (acq by Intel in 2013). Before PayPal, I founded my own company Aslan Computing, which was acquired by Servinet/Panurgy in 1998.

500 Startups invests in technology companies building consumer and business internet services. Our headquarters are in Silicon Valley, however our team of 50 people speaks 20+ languages and is all over the world, including the SF Bay Area, New York City, Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Korea, Taiwan, SE Asia, UK, and the Middle East. In addition to investment, we help startups with product and marketing, customer development, design and usability, online distribution, business metrics, and fundraising.