Johanna (Kytola) Mikkola


Raised in Toronto and Helsinki, with winters in Florida, Johanna Mikkola has a passion for people and places. After attending high school in Finland, Johanna went on to graduate with Honors Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Economics from the University of Toronto. Soon after university, Johanna began her professional career first as a project manager in financial recruitment and then in 2005 joined the National Hockey League (NHL). There she moved through the ranks, becoming the first female in management for the NHL Officiating department. In this pressure-packed environment, Johanna gained extensive corporate management experience spanning nearly 10years and learned what it takes to lead a team. In 2012 she was elected onto the Central Board of the International Floorball Federation (IFF) where she works with a strategic development team on the organization’s efforts to become an Olympic sport and grow the sport globally. Currently acting as Co-Chair of the Canada Cup Floorball Championship, one of the largest Floorball tournaments in the world, with over 70+ teams and 1,000 players at the historic Maple Leaf Gardens. With all this under her belt, she was ready to take on a new challenge.

Combining her energy, leadership & experience she sought to apply her skills in a capacity that best utilized them for building something new which would help others. Ready to bridge the many connections she’d spent her life accumulating. With Wyncode – Miami’s first development boot camp – Johanna and the Wyncode team indulge in their passion for empowering people to achieve results and work together. Alongside husband Juha Mikkola, they built Wyncode to create a coding bootcamp that not only emboldens individuals but also helps them stand out as leaders and revolutionaries in the tech world. Whether it is to enter the tech industry as a developer or build and launch a tech startup, Wyncode is here to teach you how to code and how to be successful doing it!