Kevin Koym

Founding Partner

Kevin Koym is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tech Ranch Austin. Tech Ranch Austin provides accelerators for pre-seed and seed stage technology companies of Central Texas entrepreneurs. Kevin has developed a combination of training and web-based systems designed to create a local culture of success and entrepreneurship. Tech Ranch Austin specializes in practices and technology that lead enterprises to deliver effective action through commitment-based organization and leadership. By potentiating successful corporate communities and projects, Tech Ranch Austin delivers exceptional business results across organizational and cultural boundaries.

Kevin has a history of helping organizations adopt and develop new technology, with a focus on the practices that support organizational effectiveness during times of rapid growth and change. Kevin has led many multi-cultural teams in both hemispheres, filling the roles of Founder, CEO, CTO, and VP Professional Services in seven startups along the way.

In addition to Tech Ranch Austin, Kevin also leads programs in the Americas for developing entrepreneurs, including Bootstrap Austin (a group of over 450 Austin-based bootstrapping entrepreneurs), and through Prueba el Mundo, a entrepreneurship development program that he co-founded, with participants from Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia. These programs have led him to Santiago, Chile and Guadalajara, Mexico where he lead teams of hundreds of entrepreneurs to regional prosperity.

In his previous career, he supported Dell as a consultant to enter into eCommerce (Dell sold more than $1 Billion computers on software that Kevin’s teams have built), similar accomplishments for AT&T Wireless, and Apple Computer, as well as leading to rapid launch of a number of startup companies. Prior to joining the executive ranks, Kevin was also a software engineer for NeXT Computer (now part of Apple) and PSW Technologies.